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Got ya blinded by the bling.


Got ya blinded by the bling.


Got ya blinded by the bling.

Okay, no problem. Will do.

As we know, there’s all kinds of bling in this world. Some bling shines, some bling sparkles, sometimes bling is just literally encrusting anything you own with gold or diamonds or glitter.

Why walk your way through life when you can dance?

- Anon

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No judgment. Bling out whatever you want.

Because let’s think about that. We should celebrate and bling out life – including the things we own – as if it were a shiny, happiness-exploding, miracle of light and color. Everything should be celebrated. Every moment should be bedazzled, bejeweled, and glitterfied.

Why not!?

Even your cute li’l snuggly critter…

Some people don’t know this though; there is actually something even shinier than our outer-bling, something shinier than the shiniest diamond on the planet, more golden than the freshest liquid gold, and more of a glitter-explosion than a Kindergarten class on arts & crafts day.

And that is,

our INNER-bling.

And just what is that, you may ask?

That’s who we are at our core.

It’s reminding ourselves that we are always shining inside. We are always FLAWLESS. More flawless than all the diamonds in the world. We are always glowing with a power from within – if we let it.

In other words, being SUPERCHARGED = flaunting our INNER BLING. It’s about powering up your life with the energy of community and positivity and movement.

And that is why we dance.

That is why there is always a reason to dance, no matter how stressful your day may be, or how confusing life may seem. Within – if you take a moment to rest within – you’ll catch a bright glimpse of your own glittery, true nature.

And once you’ve seen it, you can’t help but move. You can’t help but sport positivity wherever you go in every situation. When you give yourself permission to shine from the inside, your outside will reflect that. Like a fuller and fuller moon, you will glow brighter and brighter the more you believe you have what it takes to conquer anything. The shadows dissipate. The light comes out.

And there you are, gorgeous and BLINDING.

And hey, if you need a daily reminder on your actual person, here’s some SUPERCHARGED bling for your review. Feel free to bedazzle and bling out as you see fit:

SUPERCHARGED Pulse T-shirt *

*Diamonds not included, sorry.

STOP HATE Snapback Hat *

*Giant sunglasses sold separately… ok, not at all.

The SUPERCHARGED Statement Poster *

*Bedazzling glitter and sunshine always included in all of our dance breaks.


How do YOU get blinded by the bling? How do YOU bling out? Comment below!



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