Shhhh, A DANCE BREAK Will Make You Move It

ok, we didn't mean to shush you.

The whole point of everything here is to do the opposite actually. We mean to empower you in everything you do! That's why we have live classes, certification courses, success trainings, and dance breaks like the video above! So get VICIOUS. Choose to get in charge. Get SUPERCHARGED®!

More specifically, give your life some well-deserved, hope-inducing, combination-punches of glorious energy. As Kwanza demonstrates in the video above, the cardio-dance moves du jour are as follows: 

The Reach-Up-Rock The Jump-Pop The Double-down March 

These are just three - out of many - dance moves that have the mysterious ability to conjure up a jolt of power in your life, those much-needed happy giggles, AND perspective for what matters most, especially when you need it most.


Which of the three moves above did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comment section below.


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