Sweat It Out! Your Body Will Thank You


Here are several situations where a good, sweaty dance session might help improve your day:

  1. Someone just rear-ended your car and didn't stop to exchange insurance info.
    Take a deep breath. Get out of your car. DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT. And then call the cops sweaty.
  2. You forgot to feed the dog. Stop, DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT, and then of course go feed your dog.
  3. A salad is in front of you, because you’re trying to eat more salads and overall healthy things. After you’re done, DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT, because you’re clearly being kind to yourself and you might as well continue that trend.
  4. You just realized that you actually can feel like summer lasts forever if you just choose to look at things positively and warmly. That’s always a great reason to DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT!
  5. Your best friend just made you laugh for 5 minutes straight. You’re crying. You can’t stop laughing. You basically just had an ab workout. Might as well DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT too.

Sweating is not so glamorous. But it’s definitely crucial to your body, health, and happiness!

- Kwanza Jones
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If the video above wasn’t enough to get you moving and feeling happy, here are some more reasons why what we’re telling you is health, wealth, and well-being gold:



Did you sweat it out today? If so, tell us how below!


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douglas April 13, 2017

I love this! Sweating is so great for you!

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