Motivational experiences for corporations, government entities and departments, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and fitness clubs


Eye-opening Empowerment Workshops

Want to see what SUPERCHARGED® passion looks like?

Whether you need a 7-minute energy boost, a 7-day zap of team-building motivation and movement or a full-blown 21-day health and life-goals challenge, we’re here to help you power up your life and achieve. We ignite members / employees / students / attendees to unleash their inner hero and true ambition in fitness and in life.

Results: Renewed energy, success strategies, negotiating skills, fulfillment and focus.

  • SUPERCHARGED® Dance cardio Party-Oh™ (learning how to move it)
  • Success Hacking Sessions (learning to take charge of your own life & achieve success)
  • Onsite teaching from Certified SUPERCHARGED® Master Igniters
  • Each participant gets a SUPERCHARGED® Power Pack (Over $100 worth of SUPERCHARGED® Gear.)


Electrifying Wellness Programs

Your culture need a little pick-me-up? 

Looking for a productivity-inducing company perk add-on? Whether you’d like to embolden 1 go-to person or 20+ people, our team will adapt and swoop into your department/company/organization/school and teach participants how to become official SUPERCHARGED® Instructors so that they can sustain a fitness and empowerment program long-term for all. 

Results: No more afternoon slumps. A lot more fun.

  • Certifications taught online or on-site from SUPERCHARGED® Master Igniters
  • Each participant gets Igniter Training + SUPERCHARGED® Gear (Over $400 value)
  • Power Up Sessions (success coaching on how to empower others & encourage greatness and productivity)
  • Invites to new choreography coaching sessions at SUPERCHARGED® Studios/Online
  • Regular, on-site, choreography & empowerment tune-ups from SUPERCHARGED® Master Igniters


Customizable Life-Igniting Experiences

Like what you read about the programs above, but want to mix and match? 

Not to worry. We’ll work with you to create a workshop or wellness program that totally makes sense for you. We know that one size does not always fit all. And above all, SUPERCHARGED® is about creating your own way anyway. So we say go for it. No matter what, we’ll make you move. 

Results: Sky’s the limit. 

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