If you haven’t had an awkward work party, or your annual Friends-mas party, or an overdone ugly sweater Christmas party yet, IT’S TIME.

HO, HO, HO yes li’l elfish friends…

Love, Peace and Cheer. Christmas time is here

- Kwanza Jones
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And if you need a li’l holiday sassafrassy, super-cheery, sparkly-cute dance-along and sing-along, all ya gotta do is watch the video above with your friends or family, or both! Watch it with everyone! Spread the holiday cheer!!!

Okay, rampant commercialism and over-decorating aside, at its core, the Holidays are really about giving, to those we know and to those we don’t know, and even to ourselves.

As such, we wanted to give you this extraordinarily generous gift. This took us AGES to compile. It took days and weeks of planning – okay, years! You name it, we did it, all to give you the following…


(a compilation of everything you’ll need to make sure you can make everyone at your Christmas party actually MOVE LIKE IT’S CHRISTMAS)

Numba one. You need a Christmas party playlist.

So, maybe look for a dubstep version of O Holy Night? An opera rendition of Here Comes Santa Claus? Or just play Move Like It’s Christmas on repeat for 4 hours – anything to get you moving the way you like.

Plus, you’re really gonna desperately need some kind of way to sweat out all that cinnamony eggnog out of your pores.

Numba two. You’re gonna need your ugly sweater. Here are a few options.

Get creative. If your guests can’t see that you spent hours on your DIY sweater, then your party has quite possibly failed.

Look at this. Just look at this winner. She basically won Christmas:

Or hey, you can set new Christmas trends!!

For instance, why wear an ugly sweater when you can wear a whole ugly sweater BODYSUIT?

This guy doesn’t play. He takes this holiday seriously. He’s ready to move:

Also, it’s important to note: you can honestly never go wrong with sloths.

Not even just for Christmas, for pretty much any situation in life. If sloths are involved, even on a sweater, life is better:

Numba three. When in doubt, bring your pet.

There are a lot of holiday engagements this season, whether it’s with family, friends, co-workers, even strangers… It adds up. Sometimes you forget to bring a gift to a party like a proper lady or a gentleman.

So if you’re running late, who doesn’t like to enjoy a little critter staring at you longingly and cutely while you’re eating that seventh Christmas cookie?

Just ignore all those weird looks everyone is giving you (they secretly love that you brought your cat to their house).

*This now concludes our list. Had to cut it short because we also have a lot of holiday parties to go to, but you get the idea…*

We’ll leave you with what we have learned from many Christmas pasts. While you’re out and about we wholeheartedly recommend the following (ADMITTEDLY, THIS IS THE LIST THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS):

Give what ya got, because life’s too short to be mean and greedy.

Move like it’s Christmas, because this is the season to shake your butt with gratitude.

Never take yourself too seriously, because life’s too long to not laugh at everything.

Love yourself. Love others. No matter what, keep dancing.


If you do those things, no matter what kind of party you throw, no matter what kind of life you lead, it will be a success and everyone will think you’re as sweet as a cookie and as awesome as a flying red-nosed reindeer.


Okay go move it. Have fun. 



What is the most meaningful part of the holiday season for you? We'd love to hear your insights! Share them with us in the comment section below!



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douglas January 3, 2017

Best Christmas jam EVER!

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