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The News today can be quite a drag. That’s putting it as lightly as possible. Scandal upon scandal. Lie after lie after lie.  Secret upon secret. “Fake news,” fake leaders. Unwanted harassment upon harassment… Whooo-weeee!


Hip-hip hoooooorrrraaaaaay!!

Um, er, uh, yeeeeah… NOT FUN.

Sometimes it seems like all we humans do is just sit around all day and behave badly. Or it’s like we’re a pack of wild animals, tearing and ripping everything to apart until there’s nothing left of our collective worth except a tiny scrap, our one last shred of dignity. Sometimes it feels like we have no options, no opportunities, no way out – and only one choice:

To be silent when we want to scream.


Thankfully though, who we once were in the distant past – heck, who we once were even five minutes ago – is not who we are now. Each new moment brings with it the opportunity to chart a new course for our lives…

To greater and greater personal achievement.

To a new state of being where we are no longer the energy-less, silent followers, but the empowered, confident leaders of our own lives.

To a place where you can replace the hopeless-YOU, with the euphoric SUPERCHARGED-you that’s deep within.


Well – little secret – you’re already there. Right now.

We just get easily distracted. All the latest insane headlines and trending topics certainly do not help us focus on ourselves.

Thing is, it’s easy to place blame and play the he-said, she-said game after the fact, looking everywhere else and to everyone else except inward. It’s easy to join the mob and yell and yell and yell – or tweet and tweet – when others are yelling and tweeting seemingly ceaselessly right there with you.

But what about the times when it really matters, when we need to stand up on our own in the present moment and sound the alarm when no one else will?  What about the times we have to stand up for what’s right because we feel it in our gut to do so?


This is one of the greatest lies we tell ourselves: the great lie of having nowhere to go and no one to run to. Day in and day out, we’re often presented with false choices, false options, all those “it’s either this, or this, nothing else” messages.

It’s those “You’re either for us or against us” kind of thoughts, which, when you really take the time to think about them, are quite shortsighted and unhelpful. The choice isn’t just to be for or against something. One can also observe, learn, create, grow, or encourage dialogue and understanding…

It isn’t about just being silent or screaming either. That’s a false choice too. You can also whisper. You can laugh. You can dance. You can brainstorm and imagine other ways forward that you previously thought impossible. Most importantly, you can seek out help.

One of the best ways you can do this is to find like-minded, inspiring communities that encourage you to be strong and take action in the face of adversity.

Simply put, get involved to evolve. Nurture a sense of belonging to something.

One thing we’ve learned here at SUPERCHARGED is that it’s neither admirable nor beneficial to be a “lone wolf,” because every wolf still needs a pack to survive. Like wolves, we succeed by cooperating and struggle when we’re alone.

Here’s an idea; you could join us. Yes. Join the SUPERCHARGED Society!

Or hey, find another community if we aren’t your thing. The point is, we encourage you to join something that helps you grow through the encouragement of others, and through the transformation that happens from being exposed to a healthy variety of eye-opening perspectives. We help each other. We rely on each other. We are accountable and stronger together.

Something else that helps you feel empowered…


All of us here at SUPERCHARGED can recount the moment when we each realized that we can actually CHOOSE how we feel. We can choose what we see in every situation. We can choose what we believe. We can choose what we think. And then, we can choose how we act.

Wanna know what we call that moment?

That moment we finally evolved…

It’s a pivotal moment, and honestly a little scary, realizing how much power, value, beauty, creativity, strength, courage, love, peace, freedom, and greatness we all have within us.

And to be clear, this kind of timeless power isn’t just bestowed upon a select few of us, like many (the news, advertising, even some friends/family) would have us believe. It’s not given to only the supermodels of this world. It’s not given to only the greatest dancers, to only the billionaires, to only those who have the most Instagram followers…

Naaaahhhh, it’s given to us all.

And it’s our choice if we truly want to embrace that – and use it – to change our lives for the better. Because when we do that, we can literally change our immediate surroundings, our relationships and every situation that presents itself to us, no matter how joyous or grim it may seem at first.

When we realize that, above all, POWER is our birthright, nothing can ever stop us.


We don’t have to be afraid of anyone. No bully. No jerk. No douchebag who thinks they own us. Not even CEOs or Presidents or kings or queens…

No one.

And here’s what you can do immediately to power up your life…


(from the video above)

  • Be positive – But FIGHT if you have to.
  • Put yourself first. Make a plan. Stick to it. Be RUTHLESS about it.
  • REMEMBER: your brain believes what you tell it most! So tell it wonderful things!
  • Embrace getting out of your comfort zone – STAND UP, SPEAK OUT.
  • Believe that you are SUPERCHARGED.




What makes you feel empowered the most? Share your insights with us in the comment field below.



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douglas January 3, 2017

Loved this. Yes! There are a million thing I’d love to say to my younger self.

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