How to Consistently Stay on Top of Your Workouts

The Holidays are in full-force, and we all know it’s really tough to continue staying healthy sometimes amidst the eggnog, the buttery-sugary treats and all the trappings of the season’s greetings.

Not to mention all the germs we interact with when we’re shopping (Read: fighting) for good deals, throngs of people sniffling and searching for that special gift that says “I love you… without looking like I’m on a budget… but yes I got it on sale.”

How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? No matter how small, take positive action. EVERYDAY.

- Kwanza Jones
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Not to mention all the planes, trains, and automobiles you’ll be frequenting if you’re going to visit friends, family, or a special someone, sitting on a plane for hours, sitting on a bus for hours, sitting in your car for hours, sitting in a hot air balloon for hours…

Not to mention those neighborhood decorating competitions, especially if you’ve got a Clark Griswold living next door to you – can’t let him win the block this year!!! Never again!!!


YOU buying a 2-story blow-up Santa.

So in that delirious whirlwind of cookies, presents, glorious germs, and caroling, we often forget to eat healthy and exercise. And as the video above pointed out, there are ways to do that that aren’t boring. You can dance. You can prance like Dasher, Prancer, and Vixen. Heck, you can even hula hoop – anything to get your body moving!

Look at this girl. #HulaHoopGoals

These ladies can hula too, daaaaaaaayum.

But we also know that you’ve been healthy all year, and dancing all year, and hula hooping all year, and choosing how to stay active and SUPERCHARGED® in all kinds of ways that you don’t hate, so honestly, above all,


Sometimes it’s okay to let go of depriving yourself, and treat yourself.


Because you’re worth it. So give yourself the gift of realizing you’ve been doing a pretty damn good job at life.

Yes, we’re a health and empowerment company heart-set on helping you get moving and stay moving and feeling your most powerful-you for most days of the year, but a large part of staying healthy is also resting – and giving yourself a break, from everything really. Just find out what that means to you.

It’s listening to your body and that voice within you. Most of the time that voice is gonna tell you to get your butt dancing and exercising with your friends, but sometimes that voice is gonna shamelessly tell you to take it easy. Have fun. Eat, drink, and be merry. So, listen to that voice. Even if it’s as faint as a church mouse. Because the more you listen to it, the louder it gets. And then all of a sudden you’ve got a choir singing at every door in your life.

Taking time out to interact with people who celebrate you and love you is indeed a life-extender – whether you’re dancing, hula hooping, singing, opening presents, shopping, or relaxing on your couch watching your holiday decorations twinkle, or chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

In other words, spending time with loved ones can make you happier and healthier – just as much as dance cardio. Try them both!

And hey, let’s get real: if you’ve got the type of family that’s hard to hang out with – consider it your holiday “workout” to complete! It might be tough, but you can get through it, and when you do, chances are you won’t regret it.

So remember, the holidays aren’t just about loving others, they’re about loving yourself too – and sometimes that means letting go of all guilt and embracing the generous holiday spirit of health, wealth, togetherness, love, and happiness in whatever way you see fit. It’s not about having a perfect body or a perfect life, it’s about having a perfect respect and compassion for yourself and others.

That, more than anything, is what it means to be fit.

And yes, you’re too legit to quit.

Haaaaay haaaaay.


Which tips above do you think would be most helpful to you in your workouts? Let us know what oyu think in the comments below



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christine December 9, 2016

For me, the most valuable tip is finding an activity that you truly enjoy, not a workout that’s just trendy.

douglas December 9, 2016

Definitely more fun and more regular workouts with my peeps! 😉

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