Shhhh, A DANCE BREAK Will Make You Move It

Ever NOT know what to do when there’s trouble brewing on the roaring seas of yo’ life?








In other words, don’t get frustrated, nervous, annoyed, or angry…

Get VICIOUS. Choose to get in charge. Get SUPERCHARGED®!

More specifically, give your life some well-deserved, hope-inducing, combination-punches of glorious energy. As Kwanza demonstrates in the video above, the cardio-dance moves du jour are as follows:

The Reach-Up-Rock


The Jump-Pop


The Double-down March

These are just three – out of many – SUPERCHARGED® dance moves that have the mysterious ability to conjure up a jolt of power in your life, those much-needed happy giggles, AND perspective for what matters most, especially when you need it most.

Here are some examples for your pleasure:

You’re in your living room. Your in-laws are over and they start getting all passive-aggressive yet again. Don’t fret. Just stand up and Reach-Up-Rock it out until someone shushes – or joins in.

You woke up before your alarm, but only by like 3 minutes. Ewe. Gross. But don’t worry though, just Double-down March on over to the fridge and chug a cold glass of water. It works. Trust.

It’s your birthday again. Then you remember when you were only 16, and now you’re more than double that. Just Jump-Pop, pop, pop out all those candles because it’s awesome you’re still alive.

Someone cuts you off in traffic. So Reach-Up-Rock your hand out your window (eyes on the road), smile, and wave to Mr. Rude – Then happily scream, Hey! Thanks so much for that! Love You!!

You’re at a work thing. You really don’t care about mingling with all these randos. That’s cool. Instead of shaking hands with them, Jump-Pop at them until someone does it back.

It’s quite possibly the worst date ever. The guy wore a football jersey. He only talks in football terms. He said you’re a real “Touchdown.” Double-down March right out that restaurant door.

Your boss still doesn’t say your name right. Your name is Phil; he still goes with Bill. It’s all good, just head to the parking lot and Reach-Up-Rock it in the sunshine. Enjoy that beat in the heat.

Your kid decided to use your dining room table as an interpretation of The Mona Lisa – with peanut butter. Jump-Pop like crazy, because it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

You’re at the gym and drenched in sweat, because this is your Me-time. Then someone gets all huffy-puffy and wants to work-in. Stare at them. Reach-Up-Rock at them. Maybe befriend them?

You’ve got so many things to do today, and it kinda feels like you’re drowning in an ocean of papers, chores, and no time. You know what though? You’re fine. Go ahead and Jump-Pop until it feels like you’ll never drop.


- Kwanza Jones

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What moves help YOU get back into your groove?



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