How to Make Plain Water a Brand New Habit You’ll Love

Oh sweet nectar from the gods and pipes!

Oh gift from the clouds above and rivers below!

Torrents of it can carve canyons into the mountains!

Fields of it can nurture crops to feed millions, and billions!

And when it falls on our face, it reminds us to dance and siiiiing!





Because the stuff is not only amazing, but also amazing for you – as the video above showed. (If you haven’t watched it yet, again, yep, it has to be said: WATER YOU WAITING FOR!? Lots o’ good stuff in there.)

If you want the best cure for fatigue and dehydration, among other ailments, then get that cup into your hand and fill it right up with that mysterious shape-shifting, transparent, liquidy-miraculous substance that allows us all to remain alive.

No, not coffee.

Not soda or tea or free wine samples from Costco.


Let’s just take a moment to bask in all the glory that is water to remind ourselves just how lucky we are to be in its presence, and because it’s literally a part of us.

Sure you probably learned all these things as a child, but as we get older sometimes we get, well, dumber – meaning, we forget how miraculous life can be, even something that’s such a vital part of everything we do.

For instance, this’ll blow your mind:

The same amount of water that existed when the earth was formed is the same amount that exists today.



And that’s kind of an awesome tree she just jumped off of – so, speaking of which:

75% of a living tree is water. And, 75% of the human brain is water.


We know. Woah.

Pretty weird and cool.

This is pretty shocking too:

97% of the world’s water is either salty or undrinkable. There’s also a big heap of it in ice caps and glaciers, around 2%. And that pesky remaining 1% of it? That’s all we got for the entire planet’s agricultural, residential, manufacturing, community, and personal needs – all 7.442 Billion of us.


Which brings us to a more important point…

If you live in America or the developed world, most likely you have access to clean water on a daily basis, no problems, no questions asked, no hours-long trip to a water well.

Every time we brush our teeth, wash the car, do the dishes, take a bath, or completely fail at sliding down a waterslide, we’re using water – and of course whenever we have the luxury of drinking it from a clean source, which is most likely all the time.

Unfortunately though, REAL TALK:

663 million people live without clean water.



If that makes you sad, and mad, and completely SUPERCHARGED to do something about it, we totally feel ya. We’re right there with ya!

  • Charity Water is a pretty darn cool company doing pretty awesome things to help bring water to those who don’t have access to it, worldwide. Check ‘em out!

  • The Kwanza Jones & Jose E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Initiative is also doing great things for Puerto Rico, helping to restore basic needs there, including access to clean water. Check ‘em out too!

In conclusion,

FACT: Water is awesome.

Key Takeaway: Drink more of it.

Bonus Feature: Now every time we drink water we can be reminded to be thankful for how lucky we are to have it, drink it, wash with it, swim in it, or even dance with it!

Every sip of that see-through gold is what helps this world go round. We can be thankful for all that water coursing through our body, because it allows us to dance, and smile, and feel empowered – and to have compassion for others who just want the same.

Because hey, WATER FRIENDS FOR!?


Water your favorite things about water? Let us know in the comment section below.



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douglas April 13, 2017

Great stuff! Water is so important. Whatever you have to do to make it work! 😉

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