FLAWLESS Moves for FLAWLESS Feelings

In case you didn’t catch our drift, we think you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FLAWLESS.

You are absolutely flawless. Look in the mirror and smile because it's true. YES, it's YOU.

- Kwanza Jones
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There are scientifically proven benefits to positive self-talk, reminding yourself each and every day that you’re amazing. From “I can’t” to “I will.”  It’s proven to be healthy for both your mind and body to believe that you’re flawless, and even better if you dance while believing that! 

Because when you do, rain or shine, winter or spring, it always feels like it’s Summer Forever (which also happens to be the newest dance hit by SUPERCHARGED® creator, Kwanza Jones).

And now, the benefits of positive self-talk:

  1. Increased life span

  2. Lower rates of depression

  3. Lower levels of distress

  4. Greater resistance to the common cold

  5. Better psychological and physical well-being

  6. Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease

  7. Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Or how about the New York Times? They usually know what they’re talking about:

Studies have shown an indisputable link between having a positive outlook and health benefits like lower blood pressure, less heart disease, better weight control and healthier blood sugar levels.

So get out there, get moving, and be kind to yourself! Why?

We’ll say it one more time: you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FLAWLESS.


What kind things do you like to tell yourself? We'd love to hear your feedback in the comment box below.



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