Joyful Dancing is the Best Fitness Fun Breakthrough


This one’s for the Ladies…

Let’s not forget: we can do anything we want. And if we can’t just yet, we’ll transform that can’t into a can ASAP. No one can ever say we’re less than.

Because less than and greater than don’t exist. We are all beautiful, powerful creatures in our own way. If we’re breathing here, then we have a purpose here. It’s that simple.

Let’s not forget to flex our muscles when we need to. Flip your hair whatever way you want. Shake your tush whatever way you want. Twist, twirl, create, and draw upon the great power that resides within us all – the same creative source that has inspired and empowered women for ages upon ages to do great things.

Just a reminder, you actually come from greatness. That’s your home. You’re not from your hometown that you always mention when people ask you where you hail from. Forget that place. Because there’s a place behind that place: it’s called greatness.

You, yes you, that human manifestation of female power looking at this screen right now, came from a place called greatness. No one can ever take that away from you. No one can take your birthright away from you, your destiny to be the most glorious “You” there can be – unfettered, wild, and free.

Free to breathe. Free to dance. Free to move. Free to be both hard and smooth, gentle and strong. Free to answer that calling deep within you – whether that’s to protect, guide, teach, or reach for what’s next in this very moment.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, let’s just take a moment to think about our lives from beginning to end. We’ll all begin, we’ll all end, and then become a lovely blip on the trillions of blips of history – and that’s, truly, a lovely thing when you think about it.

As we dance through this life, let’s remind ourselves of what company we keep. All the greatest of women who have roamed this planet are your sisters. Every time you dance, you dance with them. Every time you smile, you smile with them. They’re all here for you.

And, in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a little family reunion for ya. Here are just a handful of your sisters, whom you can channel whenever you need to, on bad days and good days, because ALL DAYS SHOULD BE DANCEY DAYS.

It’s time to go.


As if we could ever forget this shimmering, charming actress, who graced some of the best flicks we know. Did you know she was also a respected humanitarian?


Okay this chick is badass. This girl wanted to learn so badly she literally got shot in the head for it – and survived. She’s now a badass for women’s rights worldwide.


Many have called her the “First Lady of the Blues,” this sultry diva might just be the greatest jazz singer of all time.  


Ever feel like you’re too young (or too old) to accomplish a lot? Think again. This girl inspired an entire revolution at the age of 17.


The Queen of Tennis, this woman can serve up ferociousness like no other. Feeling weak? Remember that you’re Serena-strong.

Remember this: 






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