It’s Truly a Matter of Life and Breath!

Wide-eyed person runs through their house in a frenzy, screaming the following WITHOUT BREATHING:


“OMGerrrrrrd where are my keys!?”

“How am I gonna pay my bills!?”

“I think I forgot to feed the dog!!”

“What if I never become Instagram famous!?”

“What if it seems like I just can’t get this dance move down!? Oh gee willickers!!”

“Who, what, when, where, how, HEEELP!!!!”


Wide-eyed person runs into a wall, passes out on the ground…

We Americans can be stressful creatures.

We are hard workers to be sure, but Lordy are we hard on ourselves… Walk through the offices and homes of our country and you’ll find plenty of people who have opted to put their home’s physical appearance above their own body’s health. You’ll find the masses engorged on processed-food-everything. You’ll find more chicken nuggets than salads. More soda than water or fresh juices. So much sitting, and not enough dancing!

Above all, you’ll find plenty of people who don’t know how to handle stress. More specifically, people who





We’re all guilty of it from time to time, and it’s okay. Especially because we know exactly what to do about it (watch the glorious video above).

Really, there needs to be one collective, country-wide breathe in and breath out. Because if we just breathed in a little more deeply, just a weeeee 4, 3, 2, 1 bit more, in every situation, the world would truly be a different place. For one, we’d become immediately more emotionally healthy and calm:

  • There’s a reciprocal relationship between breath and emotions — every emotion is accompanied by a different breath pattern, so for example, when you’re excited, your breathing is rapid. It’s possible to change how you feel and even how your mind is working by slowing down to a gentle pattern of four to six breaths per minute. This has a calming effect on the emotions while enhancing attention, clarity, and mental FOCUS. – Psychology Today

Key word on the end there being Focus.

As with anything, even breathing, one needs to focus first, and then go about their task – our task being, NOT FORGETTING TO BREATHE.

So, as a reminder, here are a few hypothetical situations where you might forget to breathe, followed by our easy-to-follow two-step tip on what you should do about it.


  • You just lost your pet hamster. Li’l Orphan Hammy is now on an a wild adventure with corn-stuffed cheeks through the dark underbelly of your living room couch. Lost pennies stand in her way. Giant forgotten lint balls roll towards her. She doesn’t fear though. The smells of triumphant, glorious cedar chips waft behind her on her forbidden trek to greener cages away from you. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO!?




  • Sandy, your cubicle-mate at work, just does not stop talking. She’s lovely, and she eats a lot of canned soup at a mild temperature to match her mild-tempered personality, but some days – Phew-weeee!! – like today, she gets on your nerves. No, you do not wanna hear all about her vacation to her grandpa’s Florida swamp, or about her odd fear of fireflies, or her soup slurps. But before you get all snippy and mean to Sandy, while she’s yacking and lip-smacking, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO!?

Remember this? DO THIS:



  • Your kids just got into the peanut butter again. They have repainted your entire dining room peanut-butter brown. And your favorite shoes. And the windows. And the carpet. Basically a peanut butter bomb went off. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO!?

Once again, friends, THIS:


Feel the difference?

In addition to emotional-improvement, you’ll be happy to know that these 5 benefits immediately occur too:

  1. – Your muscles relax.
  2. – Oxygen delivery improves.
  3. – Your blood pressure lowers.
  4. – Endorphins are released.
  5. – Detoxification improves.

So instead of choosing stress, choose peace! Choose breathing!

Because it truly is a matter of life and breath.

If you can see it, you can believe it. And if you can believe it, you can do it. Now, take the first step, and see it with your mind.

- Kwanza Jones

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Have you ever tried any of the breathing techniques in video before? Let us know below if so. If not give them a try and tell us how it goes.



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douglas April 13, 2017

So funny! and very true!

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