Sweat It Out! Your Body Will Thank You

Sometimes life doesn’t make any sense. People are challenging, sometimes wonderful, sometimes mean, sometimes lovely. Our bodies ache, then rebuild, our hearts ache, and then we learn how to laugh again. We cry, we try, we sit, we dance, and through it all we have to figure out how to take the next step forward no matter what’s thrown at us. Even better if we can figure out how to do that with a smile!

Thankfully there are natural ways we can boost our mood, heal faster, and stay healthy, so that we can ultimately make the wisest decisions in our lives and expand into more happiness.


It’s like the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, sweat it out.”

It’s like the old saying goes, “Never, never, never give up sweating.”

It’s like the old saying goes, “Pain is temporary, sweating lasts forever.”

It’s like the old saying goes, “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single sweat session.”


Eeeerrrrrrrrr something like that, right?


In other words, never, never, never forget that you can use your body’s natural ability to heal itself, cool itself, and pump itself up – a.k.a. sweating – in any situation. Sometimes it’s good to breathe (okay, it’s always good to breathe), sometimes it’s good to meditate, and sometimes it’s good to just dance your hiney off and sweat it out!

This is how we go from SUPER-STUCK, dry, blah, and blehk!!, to SUPERCHARGED happy-go-lucky and happy-go-sweaty.

Sweating is not so glamorous. But it’s definitely crucial to your body, health, and happiness.

- Kwanza Jones

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Here are several situations where a good, random sweaty dance session would TOTALLY be an appropriate first response:

  1. Someone just rear-ended your car. No worries. Get out, DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT. And then call the cops sweaty.
  2. You forgot to feed the dog. Stop, DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT, and then of course go feed your dog.
  3. A salad is in front of you, because you’re trying to eat more salads and overall healthy things. After you’re done, DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT, because you’re clearly being kind to yourself and you might as well continue that trend.
  4. You just saved a kitten from a tree. After you hand the little furry critter back to its owner, DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT. And maybe do a little cat hisssss at the end for emphasis.
  5. You just realized that you actually can feel like summer lasts forever if you just choose to look at things positively and warmly. That’s always a great reason to DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT.
  6. You just got served. Some ice cream. DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT. And then of course go eat that ice cream because you exercised today.
  7. You just saw the most beautiful butterfly fluttering around in the sun, and it felt like a divine hello, and a reminder that everything is fine, even during the hard times. Now that is a perfect time to DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT.
  8. It’s raining on your beach day. There’s a fire on your hike day. Your favorite coffee shop is closing – they’re even bulldozing it to the ground right now! Don’t worry. Just DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT. And then go get your own darn coffee beans.
  9. Someone you know just treated you like they don’t actually know you, like you don’t exist. Pssssshhhhht, that’s fine. DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT, because you don’t get your value from them anyway.
  10. Your best friend just made you laugh for 5 minutes straight. You’re crying. You can’t stop laughing. You basically just had an ab workout. Might as well DANCE IT OUT & SWEAT IT OUT too.

If the video above wasn’t enough to get you moving and feeling happy, here are some more reasons why what we’re telling you is health, wealth, and well-being gold:


What is your favorite way to work up a good sweat? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.



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douglas April 13, 2017

I love this! Sweating is so great for you!

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