The Best Workout Feels More Like a Party

How do you call a rooftop party with a few friends a workout? Wait! Did we mention the beach, the sunset and the kick ass music? No? Well I guess we just take that for granted around here.

When we asked Kwanza where she wanted to film this week’s workout to her hit song, Clockwork, she said, “Who’s coming?” We told her Mychele, Anthony and Gabe. That pretty much synched it!

A solid support network is key to all success.

- Kwanza Jones

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“ROOFTOP PARTY!” was about all she said, as she slid on her sunglasses.

This video is one of our favorites. The environment is, of course, stunning, but these three SUPERCHARGED® Society members have been with us since the beginning. In fact, if you decide to get Certified SUPERCHARGED®, you’ll see them all in the Basic Certification videos!

The friends are:

Mychelle Sims: Mychelle is the mother of two great kids and she’s got a really serious day job. She’s a forensics investigator. AND… Mychele is a DANCE NUT! Formally trained in several classic disciplines, she’s a dance fitness powerhouse too. This lady has more certifications and credentials than you can shake a stick at. She’s Certified SUPERCHARGED® alright, but she’s a personal trainer, Pilates instructor and is also certified in Zumba and GROOV3. Check her out at

Anthony Castillo: Anthony is a full-time nursing student holding down great grades and a thriving dance cardio fitness practice. He is Certified SUPERCHARGED® and holds several Zumba certifications. AND… Quite recently added U-Jam certification. Congratulations Anthony! Check him out!

Gabe De Dios: Gabe is everyone’s favorite bi-coastal Angeleno. A jet-set celebrity stylist, Gabe is also a very talented dancer and choreographer. Always quick to learn even the most complicated moves, and to add a dash of his own flavor. He’s a favorite party guest here at SUPERCHARGED Central. Be sure to check out his amazing moves, envy worthy travel pics - AND THAT STYLE!

The party spot is Kwanza’s Venice Beach house. The house was designed by Kwanza’s late friend, critically-acclaimed architect, Steven Shortridge. The house was his final project. Kwanza has often said enjoying the house’s many amazing spaces is also a way of paying Steven tribute.

Love What You Do

All in all, this video shows just is just the kind of day we, here at SUPERCHARGED® Studios love most. A day creating and enjoying one another’s company while helping to inspire others, is what we live for.

Ah, and that sunset! It was such a lovely day. Sailboats early on, passing in the sunshine. Then, the sun gently setting behind us. We literally danced the sun down! Gotta love it!

Come along with us now and share the smiles, fun moves and a great “workout” if that’s even what it was. Sure we definitely got out fitness on, but this was nothing but a party! STAY SUPERCHARGED!

Who loves you? WE DO!


What’s you best sunset recollection, with friends? Please tell us in the comments section below.



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douglas April 13, 2017

Such a fun day! Hope you guys are all great!

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