How to Live a Healthier Life through Fitness and Friendship



First, watch the video above. Dance. Get that body pumping every day in every way.


Second, Stop chasing after people who clearly don’t value your superpowers and all-around awesomeness.

We’ve all done it. We meet someone cool; we think they’re totally nifty. They have similar interests. Maybe we’re even a little attracted to them. You ask to hang out with them – Hey let’s go to the movies!

Sorry, busy.

You try again, suggesting another hangout option – Dinner tonight?

Sorry, busy.

You try a few more times – Hey, wanna go dancing tonight? Happy Friday!!!

Sorry, busy, busy, busy.

And then you think, Hmmmm, why aren’t they getting the hint that I want to be their friend!?

Until it hits you:



Well, having that kind of discernment comes from knowing your own worth. Take it from us, having self-worth is worth it. It’s not selfish, it’s actually more than necessary. It’s core to your overall well-being and ability to grow.

If you realize how valuable you are, you won’t put up with B.S. for too long when you recognize it.

If you think you’re worthy of never-ending blessings, never-ending blessings will be drawn to you.

If you think you’re worthy of someone only half-liking you, then that is exactly what will happen to you. You’ll get drained from relationships that are toxic or imbalanced. And you’ll think it’s okay to continue nurturing those bad relationships because you think they’re as good as it gets for you.

This is basically what we’re talking about in a nutshell:

GO after the things you love – your passions – and the RIGHT friends will soon follow.

If ya love math problems, join a math club. If ya love books, get to your local bookstore and see if there’s a book fair or a live discussion. If ya love acting, take improv classes!

If ya love dancing, get dancing! We certainly try to help you out with this one as much as possible. Heck you can even start teaching SUPERCHARGED dance cardio classes at your local gym or even in your living room. [Take our certification course. It’s affordable, easy, and fun. You’ll get an electrifying-dancing-storm of music, moves, and motivation.]  

Whatever you do, don’t sit around wondering where all your friends are. Simply do more of what you love, and you’ll eventually meet quality, motivated people with similar interests. You’ll connect that way – through your mutual passions – not from feeling sad or lonely or unworthy. No one likes a negative nelly anyway.

When you are truly in alignment with your own inner truth and inner strength, others notice.

When you feel truly ignited and SUPERCHARGED from within yourself, people will be drawn to you.

TRY IT: Spend the entire day today beginning every action/thought/response with a statement of self-love first.



Then see if your day feels different.

No matter what the result is…

Take care of your darn self!

Taking care of yourself, at its core, is really about loving yourself.

No it doesn’t mean that you blow your entire paycheck on massages and mani-pedis because you’re “worth it.” Sure, a “me day” is necessary from time to time, but it’s not a ticket to dumb-town, where all your hard work is wasted on impulses.

Loving yourself is about taking time to celebrate all that you are and everything you love to do. It involves relating to your true emotions and desires by being supportive and encouraging – TO YOURSELF.

Really, it’s like being your own parent, your own best friend, or your own T-E-A-C-H-E-R.

For instance, would your best friend let you eat junk food and fast food all day, watching you spiral down into a cesspool of bad health? Would your parents think it’s a good idea for you to feel stuck in self-pity and not try to help you get out of it? Nope.

Your parents, best friends, and life teachers – if they’re good people – will always want the best for you. They want you healthy and happy.

They love you just like we do! You should feel the same way about yourself. In other words, TREAT YO-SELF, not with quick fixes or temporary pleasures, but with unconditional acceptance, love, and support.

Be there for yourself the way you desire others to be there for you.

And always…

Do this, stay centered in it, surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you, and we promise ya: Everything else will fall in line and feel more than fine.


What are your favorite ways to celebrate that awesomeness that is YOU? Let us know below.



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christine January 18, 2017

I’ve found that just saying “hi” always works. And then, like the posts suggests, I also try to find a common ground with the other person.

douglas April 13, 2017

Hey guys! I want to come to the next one!

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