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As the lovely Kwanza pointed out, SUPERCHARGED is all about COMMUNITY.

It’s all-inclusive, all-welcoming, and all-fun.  So no matter where you’re from, what you look like, who you love, or what language you speak, you’re welcome to join the Supercharged Society.  




Whether you’re in a living room in Chicago, at a public park in Tapei, or frolicking around in Los Angeles with us, you’re welcome to dance with us!

Every single one of our dance moves can be translated into this:

Whether you speak English, Swahili, Dutch, or not much, we all have one thing in common – the human need to belong. Belonging to an encouraging community is important to your health and well-being both short and long term.

Community, and creating a sense of belonging, is just as important as that healthy salad you’re eating, or that life-igniting Supercharged dance move you’re trying out for the first time (there’s a few in the video above FYI).

And so, without further ado – because ohhhhhh, WHY NOT!? – here is the word “Community” in over 80 languages, compliments of

Community in European Languages

Language – Ways to say community
Albanian – Komuniteti
Basque – Komunitate
Belarusian – супольнасць
Bosnian – zajednica
Bulgarian – общност
Catalan – comunitat
Croatian – zajednica
Czech – obec
Danish – samfund
Dutch – gemeenschap
Estonian – kogukond
Finnish – yhteisö
French – communauté
Galician – comunidade
German – Gemeinde
Greek – κοινότητα
Hungarian – közösség
Icelandic – samfélag
Irish – pobail
Italian – comunità
Latvian – kopiena
Lithuanian – bendruomenė
Macedonian – заедница
Maltese – komunità
Norwegian – fellesskap
Polish – społeczność
Portuguese – comunidade
Romanian – comunitate
Russian – сообщество
Serbian – заједница
Slovak – obec
Slovenian – skupnost
Spanish – comunidad
Swedish – gemenskap
Ukrainian – співтовариство
Welsh – cymuned
Yiddish – קיבעץ

Saying Community in Asian Languages

Language – Ways to say community
Armenian – համայնք
Azerbaijani – icma
Bengali – সম্প্রদায়
Chinese Simplified – 社区
Chinese Traditional – 社區
Georgian – საზოგადოების
Gujarati – સમુદાય
Hindi – समुदाय
Hmong – lub zej lub zos
Japanese – コミュニティ
Kannada – ಸಮುದಾಯ
Kazakh – қауым
Khmer – នៅ​សហគមន៍
Korean – 커뮤니티
Lao – ຊຸມ​ຊົນ
Malayalam – കമ്മ്യൂണിറ്റി
Marathi – समुदाय
Mongolian – олон нийтийн
Myanmar (Burmese) – လူမှုအသိုင်းအဝိုင်း
Nepali – सामुदायिक
Sinhala – ප්රජාව
Tajik – ҷомеа
Tamil – சமூகம்
Telugu – సంఘం
Thai – ชุมชน
Urdu – کمیونٹی
Uzbek – jamoa
Vietnamese – cộng đồng

 Saying Community in Middle-Eastern Languages

Language – Ways to say community
Arabic – مجتمع
Hebrew – קהילה
Persian – جامعه
Turkish – topluluk

Saying Community in African Languages

Language – Ways to say community
Afrikaans – gemeenskap
Chichewa – ammudzi
Hausa – al’umma
Igbo – obodo
Sesotho – sechaba
Somali – bulshada
Swahili – jamii
Yoruba – awujo
Zulu – Umphakathi

Saying Community in Austronesian Languages

Language – Ways to say community
Cebuano –komunidad
Filipino – komunidad
Indonesian – masyarakat
Javanese – masyarakat
Malagasy – fiaraha-monina
Malay – masyarakat
Maori – hapori

Saying Community in Other Foreign Languages

Language – Ways to say community
Esperanto – komunumo
Haitian Creole – kominote
Latin – communitas

Shucks, silly us, we forgot one more.

(This next language is pretty important. Because it’s basically the lingua franca… of dance.)

Language – Ways to say community

Supercharged – Supercharged

See what we did there? he he heee…

In life and in love, challenges will come and your heart may bleed...But it won't break. YOU ARE SHATTERPROOF

- Kwanza Jones

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