A Video That Will Help You Feel SUPERCHARGED® in Fitness and in Life

You are SUPERCHARGED®. Don’t doubt it. Just believe it.

- Kwanza Jones

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Have you really listened to the words of the song SUPERCHARGED? Like really, really?

Either watch the video above again – after you catch your breath of course, BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU WERE FOLLOWING ALONG, right!?

(And if you haven’t danced just yet, then ya best get moving! But seriously, give it a shot. Your body will love you. And we will too. We always do.)

Or you can dive into Kwanza’s high-octane music video for it:

Besides “I’m not in it for the fame,” which is rare for a pop singer to declare, because many singers just sing to get heard, noticed, awarded, and then hoarded onto the shelves of spotlight and fame, which, over time, can get lame. Seeking fame is a far cry different from feeling called to empower people to become their mightiest, healthiest selves…

And besides “I am SUPERCHARGED,” which stands for an entire hodge-podge of things: loving yourself, loving others, feeling powerful because you’re unique, being shamelessly sexy with the body you’ve been given, fearlessly dancing, fearlessly moving towards all you desire, trusting yourself, trusting your inner strength, trusting your inner vision for your life, feeling inspired, and the list goes on…

Besides those two poignant lines, another one that sticks out – waaaaaay out – has got to be,




Now, while covered in post-dance-cardio-Party-Oh-sweat, and then Instagramming your post-workout results with the hashtag #IamSUPERCHARGED, consequently garnering you at least 5 billion heart-likes, you might be thinking, what on earth does gladiator in a thong even mean?

No, it doesn’t mean these weird, leathery, gladiator-themed sandals:

So then, what is it!? Gladiators and thongs don’t usually mix, right?


(thinking some more)

(thinking about thinking some more)





Sorry, didn’t mean to yell.

Like Santa, they do exist. Let’s break it down.

“GLADIATOR IN A THONG” means a little bit of this:

Mixed with this, OBVI:

But you can’t forget to add a li’l love, sassiness, and inspiration in there too, some SUPERCHARGED soup for the soul if you will:

Plus some pure, organic, free-range DIVA.

And then a dollop of all-powerful, earth-splitting, hammer-wielding SUPERHERO.

Oh! And you can’t forget all the magical power of the entire ocean, because you are over 60% water.

AND, the cherry on top, all the power of the stars, because we’re all made of stardust, and music, and great dance moves…

So yes, you are a gladiator in a thong. We all are, if we want to be.

And because you totally get it, it’s probably best to just buy this t-shirt.

It suits you, and it’s on sale.

And every time you put it on, just remember this:

You can do anything you want. You have what it takes. If you want to wear a thong and jump into the Colosseum and fight some crazy-hungry lions, tigers, and Chers, ohhh myyyy, then do it. Go for it.

You’re ready.



How do you imagine your life to be when you are SUPERCHARGED®? Tell us in the comments section below.



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douglas April 13, 2017

Great energy! Hey Kwanza! Hey Michael!

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