This Is What It Means To Be VICIOUS




Let’s take a moment and think about what we just watched.

Yes, it’s okay if you’re all sweaty now. Take a breath.

That’s why you grabbed that towel and danced along. And now it’s okay to wipe that sweat away proudly. It’s also okay if you played the video multiple times to catch all the moves.

We sure did.

That’s the whole point. We want you to be the best you there is, the SUPERCHARGED you, the you that can let go of that stank face, and fully embrace your bank face.

(Yep, totally just made that phrase up, and it’s definitely gonna catch on.)

But basically, your bank face is that face of yours that makes all the money. It’s what happens when we let go of all the whines, and our inner vicious comes out and shines. And if you’re not feeling it yet, a hat that literally says VICIOUS big and bold on it just might help in the meantime.

We’re talking about your inner groovy, your inner shakey, your inner happy and snappy. When you embrace that, it shows on the outside.

That means, the you that doesn’t give up, the you that’s not afraid to get up, wherever you are, and dance – whether that’s in your office, on your lunch break, in your living room, in the middle of folding laundry, or on a gorgeous sunlit rooftop.

Watch the video again.

Do you see that sparkly ocean?

The creepy-perfect sailboat?

The sparkly smiles on the dancers twirling around those towels?

You see any scowls?

Now, you might think, Oh this is all fake and these people are just putting on a show… Silly Los Angeles people…

And all we can say to that is, Ehhhhhh, Heck to the Nope…

Of course sunshine does help – it always helps to get outside – but joy first comes from within and expands outwardly whether you’re giving a speech or dancing on a beach. That sparkle, that’s what VICIOUS looks like. That’s hope. That’s community.

We are a team of fitness buffs, creative strategists, empowerment gurus, hope builders, singers, dancers, writers, doers, shakers, makers and believers that we are ALL truly worthy of blood-pumping love. Love for ourselves, our bodies, our efforts, and love for everyone around us.

Love for YOU.

Truth be told, we’re just doing our part to try and make a difference in people’s lives, and we’re not afraid to viciously fight for it either.

So, no, when we say “vicious,” we don’t mean going around being a selfish jerk to everyone. There’s enough of those in the world already. What we’re doing is transforming negativity into positivity, super-sad to Supercharged, vicious-crappy to vicious-happy.


So, let the video above and these words right now be an unceasing reminder: There is nothing wrong with being viciously happy, viciously peaceful, viciously bold, viciously sexy, and most importantly, viciously YOU.


This is what it means to be VICIOUS. Smile, and be ruthlessly proud of that sweaty smile – and don’t let anyone or anything take it away from you. Ever.

It’s okay to be VICIOUS about it too. We’re with you.



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