TIME TO GO Get Silly and Happy for a Sec

Ohhhhhh, TIME. Silly, silly time.

Is it really on our side?

Tic tock, tic tock, tic tock goes the clock…

Past, present, future…

Beginning, middle, ending…

From old-timey times to modern times there have been sundials, grandfather clocks, wrist watches, wall clocks, cell phones, smart watches, all to tell time. Tell time what exactly?

Can we just tell time to shush-up for a second?

Maybe next in line, in the line of telling time, everyone will get their very own R2D2 that will follow us around, and when it’s time for lunch, or an appointment of some sort, or a reminder to save the galaxy from imminent disaster, a hologram of John Travolta will pop out at us as a pony-tailed and shimmering cuckoo clock:

He’s our only hope.

Creepy hologram dreams of time aside, let’s get deep for a sec.

Think about how much time in our lives we’ve all used to try and understand time, or control it, or keep watch over it, or even plain down avoid it.

Time is like your cousin Sally, the one who never blinks, and who always talks to you non-stop at your family reunion, but you still gotta be nice to her. Ohhhhhh Sally. Silly, silly Sally. She’s still family.   

Time is like your broken muffler that rattles on your car – always reminding you it’s there – click-clacking and tick-tocking down the street. Somehow you just never get around to fixing that gosh darn thing.

In other words, time is always present, always there in our lives, ticking, beeping, talking, rattling, but are we? Are WE just as “present” in our lives as much as time is?

One second…

Another second…

How about THIS second?

Or this one?

Sometimes it feels like TIME is living our lives even more than we are. We jam-pack our days with things to do, put post-it note reminders all over our fridges, or set alarms on our phones to ding-dong at us when it’s:

Time for school!

Time to Work!

Time to shop!

Gotta stay busy-busy-busy!

Never stop!


Ironically, in our effort to become ever-more-aware of the time we’ve been given to use up in our day, we often end up forgetting to simply enjoy one,




time in our day.

We often become calendars instead of people, watches and phones instead of the rocking-stepping-pumping, body-shaking, powerful conquerors that we truly are. We forget to breathe and to let our heart simply beat with the music of our lives.

We forget to take a break from telling time sometimes. We forget to take a break and simply enjoy our time and just be happy and laugh and smile with it for a second. Shoot, even a few minutes!

More specifically, “take a break,” meaning, a DANCE break.

Let’s not forget, friends, there’s a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to schedule our days, but there’s always a TIME TO GO dance.

Just take a chance, you can do it.

You wanna dance, you can move it!

As Kwanza pointed out in the workout video above, there’s always time to take a dance break to Rock Sway Circle, Pump up the Party, and Step and Swing.

And if you enjoyed learning these Supercharged dance fitness Party-Oh moves, join the Supercharged Society today and be in-the-know for even more moves and fun videos to come.

Just take a chance, you can do it.

You wanna dance, you can move it!

- Kwanza Jones

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What’s one thing you have on your to-do list for today that you got done? Was one of them TAKE A DANCE BREAK? Leave a comment.



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