How To Dance Like A Pro With These 3 Simple Moves


“ANY exercise is the best exercise,” a wise woman once said…


                        in our office.

Because hey, we’re not too picky around here. We’ve got all kinds of fitness levels in the SUPERCHARGED Society – all are welcome, all are awesome. As long as you’re moving, you’re grooving like a pro in our book.

So if you’ve ever done any of these things (see list below), you’re on the path to good health, wise choices, and you should pat yourself on the back, and then do a TWO STEP BANG (see video above for how-to) because you’re totally flawless and vicious and nothing can ever change that and you know it.



  • Taken a dance cardio class that blew your mind and soul and body?


  • Riverdanced in the middle of a public park with your awesome friends Me, Myself, & I   …and Mr. Squirrel?


  • Gone swimming in the ocean and then played frisbee and then ate delicious guacamole afterwards with your hubby?


  • Swiftly moved your hand to the remote control of your TV after a long day at work and then pressed POWER, and then swiftly moved your hand behind your head?



  • Gotten down and dirty dancing in your living room, while wearing thick socks and a unitard like it was the 80’s again?


  • Walked anywhere, absolutely anywhere?


If you answered YES to between 1 or ALL of the questions above, CONGRATS!  

You are officially a PRO.   

And by the way, if you’re interested in our Pro membership for instructors, let us know!

To celebrate, now it’s time for that TWO STEP BANG again…

And then we can do the I SAY YOU GET UP, YOU GO DOWN for a bit… DON’T YOU QUIT!!!

And then round it all out with a beautiful SWING IT UP & OUT!

Well that was im-PRO-ssive!!

Ok you have yourself a mighty fine day.


In what types of life situations do you think it's important to have a VICIOUSLY-positive attitude? Share your insights with us in the comments section below. 



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christine January 10, 2017

I think it’s important to be Vicious about staying consistent with the smaller steps leading up to your bigger goal. If you happen to fall off track, just get back on. Learn from your mistakes celebrate your progress along the way. Keep doing this over and over, even in those moments when you don’t feel like it.

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