How to Cut the Stress and Supercharge Your Mornings

Numero Uno, watch the video above. In it you’ll discover that Kwanza’s wake-up routine can be summed up into three W’s:

Wake Up,

Work Out, and then

Wig Out.

Maybe YOUR routine could be summed up into three S’s:

Sleep in,

Suck on coffee, and then get


Or maybe it’s the three B’s:

Bake a breakfast quiche,

Bring your puppy to your face and kiss it, and then

Binge on a book filled with positive thoughts.

Or perhaps, like many people, your morning routine is simply non-existent. Many people across the country – and across the world – are actually sleep deprived, leading to a whole host of nasty side effects to our bodies, our lives, and our overall well-being.

One way to combat this is to create an early morning routine that helps you start your day on the right footing. Because getting up at a consistent time helps you fall asleep at a consistent time, allowing your body to get the full amount rest it needs every night. We aren’t fooling! Shoot, if Aristotle thinks so too then there’s probably some truth to it. Listen to his ancient whispers:

What’s more – when you do a little research on the habits of successful people you’ll find that more often than not, they’ve figured out some kind of regular morning routine/ceremony/schedule/dance-number that works for their personality, needs, and goals in life.

Maybe it’s working out first thing in the morning, or maybe it’s taking time to pause and meditate before you get your move on…

Whatever it is, try some things out and see what makes you feel the most Supercharged and ready to face your day in a happy way.

Here are a few gloriously riveting examples for you:

  • Pack what you need for the next day and set these items by the door (documents, books, phone, laptops, workout clothes, wigs, butterfly wings, glitter, you name it). Get it all ready the night before and your morning won’t be a bore!

  • Stock up on a variety of quick and healthy breakfast foods. You can prepare simple meals in advance. Or, like a hoarding chipmunk, try to keep a weekly supply of small yogurt containers, breakfast bars, nuts, raisins, fruit and anything else that you love to scarf down first thing.

  • Put a journal by your bed and – even with your eyes closed and half dreaming and definitely still drooling – just scribble down a few things you’re thankful for. Make it 5. You’ll remind yourself that deep within you, even more important than your upcoming day’s obligations, is your Supercharged and joyous true self.

  • Lastly, one of the best things you can do is just get up and dance your butt off.

Or how about some good ol’ early morning dance-swimming?

One of the biggest tips and most helpful and useful things I've found to gain time is a morning routine

- Kwanza Jones

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What tips, tricks or techniques have you found to be helpful for getting your mornings on the right track? We'd love to hear your feedback and insights in the comment section below. 



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