The Best Workout for Busy People

And now, a moment for the fellas…

Kwanza’s dancing partner in this video – that dude in the hat with all the swagger – truly inspires us, because he’s clearly one of those badass male dancers.

It’s weird though. Dancing sometimes gets a bad rap for not being super-duper-manly, in the stereotypical, superficial sense at least.

Crazy-ravenous UFC fighting usually gets that title. Or maybe brick-laying? Being a professional wood chopper? 

What on earth IS “manliness” anyway? Truly and deeply, what does it all mean!? Can’t there be multiple ways a man can be manly? Do we all need to become professional fighters just to feel like men?

Let’s ask Lord Google for the answer. Maybe it knows…


When you look up “manly men” on the wizardly interwebs, here’s what comes up:

So apparently, to be manly, you need to be a gargantuan man-beast and spray-tanned enough to carry a great white shark on your shoulders?

Admittedly, many men would quite like to be able to carry great white sharks around on their shoulders …or learn the art of ax-beard-trimming, or hand-exfoliation using eagle talons, but something just doesn’t seem right. This all seems a bit too surface, shallow, and clearly exaggerated from reality.

So let’s try the straight-up dictionary:

MANLINESS:  the traditional male quality of being brave and strong.


So let’s think about that. Carrying great white sharks is, indeed, brave and strong – or maybe just stupid and strong – but what about SUPERCHARGED dance cardio?

What could be braver than getting up in front of everyone and having the strength and cajones to move your body to music, to put yourself out there on display, to spread your peacock feathers and move what ya got with clear, confident intention?

Let’s go a little deeper. The Art of Manliness describes MANLINESS as this:

Striving for excellence and virtue in all areas of your life, fulfilling your potential as a man, and being the absolute best brother, friend, husband, father and citizen you can be. This mission is fulfilled by the cultivation of manly virtues like: 

  • Courage

  • Loyalty

  • Industry

  • Resiliency

  • Resolution

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Self-Reliance

  • Integrity

  • Sacrifice

These virtues ARE manliness. And they can be striven for by any man, in any situation.


This feels much, much better. Friends, manliness is something found within you, as opposed to something that’s worn, like sharks or gigantic muscles. So even if you’re a ripped-as-all-get-out UFC fighter, you could still be un-manly if you don’t show resiliency, courage, and integrity, and the like, when you fight.

Alternatively, if you’re into SUPERCHARGED dance cardio, you can totally be manly by employing those very virtues to every dance move you’re working on, and in your life in general. In other words, just do the Slide & Freestyle, the BADABA Shuffle, the Heel Step, the Bob & Move, and the Press & Move with courage! Take responsibility for every step you take. Sacrifice some cake for some dancing. And be bold. If you do that you’ll stay SUPERCHARGED and also super-manly, even if you are super-busy.

And here’s the thing. Without question, most awesome male dancers (of any variety) are frickin’ ripped, flexible, fast, and coordinated – probably a lot more than your common beefy gym rat, if we’re comparing.

Check out this list of famous male dancers for more inspiration and encouragement that you’re in good company.

You only need a few minutes out of your day to get the benefits of movement. 

- Kwanza Jones

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And if you wanna skip ahead, and get some of that badass male dancer swagger, here’s where each of the moves are for ya in the video:

0:49 BADABA Shuffle. This combination step is where you do a basic foot shuffle, facing forward, and then turns to the right or left to repeat the shuffle. The arms are out at about chest level with the elbows bent while moving to the beat of the song.

1:09 Slide and Freestyle. Here is where you slide to the side. One arm points up as  your head is tilted in the same direction. Once the slide is done, add whatever improvised freestyle set of moves you like.

1:28Heel Step. Leading with your heel, take a step forward. Then both feet come together in a single bounce before stepping forward with the other foot. Opposite arm moves up to the beat with the elbows bent at chest level.

1:50 - Bob and Move. A single bounce is followed by a step to the side (keeping the bobbing) before performing another bob/bounce.

2:10- Press and Move. Press your hands down to waist level and step to the side, following the beat of the song.


Have you tried the moves in the video above? If so, let us know which one was your favorite. Leave us a comment in the section below. 



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douglas December 13, 2016

I love this. A 3 min workout is a great idea! Just once or a couple times a day!

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