Try This One Simple Thing and Have Better Relationships

Can you do it?

Can you put down that iMost-Current-Model long enough to have a meaningful, face-to-face conversation?

It seems like even the best of us have ECD nowadays – Excessive Cell Phone Dependency. (Yes we made that up, but come on, you know you have it.)

For instance, as you’re reading this, it’s probably completely killing you that you don’t know if that last picture you posted on Instagram has gotten enough likes for you to feel temporarily famous again… until your next post provides you the same exact anxiety. You probably have a lot going on at work too, and you just can’t wait to see if you got another super-duper important email, because work emails are more important than this present moment apparently.

You’re not alone though; we’re with you.

We all seem to be in the same screen-obsessed, electric boat of unceasing connectivity, and it’s affecting our relationships.

We’re quickly losing those old-school, sitting-on-a-park-bench kinda talks that last for hours, as you eat cupcakes with a good friend, and watch the sun slowly go down, waiting for the fire-flies to come out, the lights of which eventually add even more sparkles to your gloriously glimmering conversation.

And you hear the sounds of pond ducks quacking away, the sounds of your friend cackling with laughter, and there’s one thing missing and it feels a little better than usual. That’s right; there are NO violent sounds of phones barking and chasing you every second like rabid dogs, ruining the mood.

We’re becoming these creepy phone people – or maybe just phony people? And if we don’t take a step back to step away from our phones sometimes, we run the risk of transforming into something less like the superheroes and divas we were meant to be, and more like, well, out-of-touch with reality, nature, and really, the true nature of ourselves.

We get it. Phones are indeed amazing; remember flip-phones? Myyyy my my, how far we’ve come.

But – BIG BUT – we can’t forget one of the most powerful forces in the universe: an authentic, face-to-face connection, in real time, with people you care about – and the joy that that can provide you.

Okay, now that we’ve sufficiently guilt-tripped you here for a moment about your obvious phone addiction, we’ll ask you again:

Can you do it?

Can you put down that iMost-Current-Model long enough to have a meaningful, face-to-face conversation?

Can you stop reading this on your phone and turn to your friend right now and ask, “how are you… for real? Talk to me.”

If you’re just not ready yet, then watch the video above again! And join the SUPERCHARGED Society for more lifestyle tips.

And if you’re still not ready, then just check out these redonkulous text exchanges that probably should have simply been something – anything – other than a text.

You know, like an actual person-to-person humanoid dialogue:

Those moments you should just face your fears, instead of text, even if they’re moths:

Just talk to your mother, because she clearly hasn’t figured out how to text yet:

Another necessary example:

Ohhh boy, we can’t forget Grandma either. Just please go visit with her. Not text, not Skype, bring her some gosh darn flowers:

Annnnnd here’s proof that  our sauciest and sassiest of times are just always better in-person too:


What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without looking at your phone, while awake? Tell us in the comments section below.



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