Want to Re-Energize Your Mind and Body? Look here!

It's time to take a dance break with your favorite beat!

We don't need to feel guilty about taking breaks during our work days. We only have so many days on this rock, and so our days might as well rock too.


  1. Your brain definitely wants it.
  2. You’re sexy, confident, and marvelously VICIOUS, and vicious people get what they want!
  3. There’s no one like you on the planet. So act like you deserve a break! Your power comes from your own uniqueness.
  4. You love music and you need time to listen to it of course. And dance to it!
  5. You do a great job helping your family.
  6. You make your kids lunches - so why wouldn’t you eat lunch too?
  7. You need time to eat nuts and avocados and blueberries and dark chocolate and fish and other brain-healthy food!
  8. You’ll be less bored and unfocused.
  9. Because it’s time to just Press Play.
  10. You do a great job at work too. You know it. Everyone else knows it.
  11. And even if you don’t know it yet, you still deserve a break because you’re a human. And you’re not a machine.
  12. In some states, taking a break is literally the law.
  13. Your in-laws are coming over tonight, so take time to mentally prepare, take time to mediate.
  14. Dream of your next vacation!
  15. Because your “work bestie” wants to go for a walk.
  16. Look outside. It’s sunny out. It feels like it’s gonna be summer forever.
  17. Because playing hard helps you with working hard. You’ll be more productive, creative, and efficient.
  18. Because it’s healthy to love yourself FIRST.
  19. Because you need time to appreciate the mountains, the beach, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the rainbows, the squirrels, the bushes, or whatever kind of nature surrounds you right this instant, right outside that door.
  20. Tip-top reason though? Take a break, because no one should ever miss a chance to dance.

You appreciate and value things more when you actually take time out to truly and deeply appreciate them.

- Kwanza Jones
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What are the ways that you take a break? Let us know in the comments below.


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douglas April 13, 2017

I need to lose some stress. I should try this.

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