That’s a Stretch! Powerful Moves, Unlimited Energy

Most likely you also yawn and then give yourself a little STREEEEETCH to start your day. 

Well, some of us, like clockwork, just skip all that and jump out of bed immediately dancing.  

We’re here to help you with health tips, silly quips, and how to move those hips to some music that gets your soul and inspiration thumping.

- Kwanza Jones

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Thing is, most of us don’t listen to our bodies that early in the morning and continue that first wake-up stretch - into more stretches that can help wake our bodies up naturally, without anger or caffeine. We’ll punch, pout, or go straight for the coffee, or jump in the shower to drown out all thoughts about having to go to work.

Good News though, there are many ways to subtly brighten up your morning and get rid of that wretched morning drowsiness without resorting to violence with alarm clocks. Just leave them alone; they can’t help it.

But we can. When you wake-up, before you put on that make-up, and you say a little prayer for your Boo, or whomever, whuddyou do?

Besides throwing that alarm clock across the room, or out the window, or just punching the living daylights out of it...

We’re here to help you with health tips, silly quips, and how to move those hips to some music that gets your soul and inspiration thumping.

Watch the video above and you’ll not only see one, not two, but three awesome stretches from Supercharged diva, Kwanza Jones, to start your morning out right. What’s more, this is just part one in our That's a Stretch! Series. So don’t worry, there’s more to come.

Always check for the latest. 

In the meantime, all this stretching over here at Supercharged Studios got us thinking about how both beautiful and wonderfully-weird our bodies are. Think about it. Our bodies are literally as stretchy as rubber bands - or they can be, the more we love them, train them, and dance with them.

As a li’l reminder of how Stretchy McStretcherson you, too, can become, we’ve compiled a list of other stretchy things.



We love you, and so do all these random-ass things that also stretch just fine and dandy:

1. RUBBER BANDS - Now, if you’re in the process of straightening your teeth like many of us have       done, let’s just leave the rubber-band stretching to the orthodontists. Because, lezby honest, DIY     braces is a bit of a stretch.



4.  HOT GUYS WITH BUNNY RABBITS, as seen here for reference:


6.  BUDGETS - Barf

7.  FRESH NOODLES MADE BY A CHINESE NOODLE MASTER - holy wet noodle stretch:


9.  JEGGINGS - You know you like them.

10.  THE WHOLE GOSH DARN FRICKIN’ UNIVERSE - Yes, it’s called the Hubble Constant and according to a bunch of NASA mumbo-jumbo, “the universe is expanding 5 percent to 9 percent faster than expected,” and light in galaxies across our universe is literally stretching because of it. Now that’s one helluva stretch.


What are some of your favorite stretches? Reply below! 



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