How to Make Friends and Stay Fit At The Same Time

We recently stumbled across this endearing exchange between new friends. We actually found each letter written on a little scroll sealed inside a bottle that was thrown into the ocean. All of them washed up on Venice Beach together, along with a few other random things… like this entire pizza.

Weird, right?

After recycling all the bottles (because California), and after eating all that pizza (because Yum), we thought it best to share the messages with you now…  

You are more than fierce. You are VICIOUS!

- Kwanza Jones
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Dear Science,

I hope this note finds you well. Sooooo, I have a question for you.

Is there a reason why I feel so friggin’ good when I dance in a group with other people?


A curious SUPERCHARGED Society member



Dear curious SUPERCHARGED Society member,

Thank you so much for your letter.

It made me cry, because I always love the opportunity to spread knowledge and facts.

The answer is this: Stop asking questions and just shush up and dance with people because I said so.

I’m kidding. Question everything.

Here’s the reason. A few years back some of my closest friends – a.k.a. Scientists – and I proved that synchrony and exertion during dance independently raise pain threshold and encourage social bonding.

I hope this helps.





Dear Science,

I sincerely appreciate your response.

However, I have no idea what you just said.

But, I’d still like to be your friend.


A curious-but-now-confused SUPERCHARGED Society member



Dear curious-but-now-confused SUPERCHARGED Society member,

Don’t worry, we’ll always be friends.

I’ll always have your back.

Friends care about each other. Friends reach out to one another. And if possible, friends should really dance together – because it brings them closer to each other.

I’ll say it another way: I have definitely proven that dancing with other people – doing the same moves together + getting sweaty together = actually makes you think about pain less and makes you generally happier and friendlier. That’s why you feel so good!

It’s as if humans were designed to dance together.

Not too bad right?

Not bad at all actually.

Talk soon,




Dear Science,

Please stop making so much sense.

You’re so weird, and I love it.

You keep me young.


A satisfied SUPERCHARGED Society member now definitely about to call up a few random people and go to the city park with a boombox, ready to move it and get down and dirty.


What are your thoughts about working out alone or in a group? We'd love to hear your insights in the comment section below!



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douglas January 3, 2017

YES!!! Strong enough. Smart enough. Bold enough.

christine January 6, 2017

That video was really cool to watch! I think dancing for fitness, fun and socialization is one of the best ways to upgrade your lifestyle

luis January 6, 2017

These dance moves are both easy and fun! I can’t wait to do this workout with my friends.

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