Behold, Bad Things Happen When You Get Hangry


I was a little embarrassing at work today. Well, really embarrassing.

See, I didn’t bring any of my normal healthy snacks – no fruit, no vegetables, no cashews or almonds. And, because I didn’t have my nuts, I kinda went nuts.

I was in a snack rage. I got more than angry. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I got HANGRY.

Customers were calling, and I immediately blamed them for my hunger. I answered the phone already screaming. Before they hung up, every one of them cried. Yes, I made all my customers cry.

After a few of those calls, in a zombie-like trance, I then decided to raid the employee lounge for anything remotely tasty. I didn’t care if it had preservatives or additives or way too much sugar or sodium, I wanted it all.

Someone had a few microwave meals in the fridge. I basically ate all of them in about five minutes, including the two minutes it took to heat them up.

And then because I felt so gross about myself – for eating everyone’s lunches – I ended up going for a walk, and in a tree there was a little robotic koala there for some reason, just looking at me. He looked so happy and serene. And because my hangriness turned into self-disgust, I decided to take it out on others. I decided to clock him one.

After crying in the park for an hour, out of shame for punching a harmless robotic koala, I ran back to the office. And then I saw it. It was like a mirage in a desert, a dessert in a food desert.

I saw the vending machine. I drank soda after soda after soda, even though I know it’s bad for me. It’s as if I had a wild animal on top of my head, guiding me, telling me what to do. And it told me to drink soda. I felt like such a petulant child.

I’ve never felt so gross in my entire life, and after all the caffeine wore off, I fell asleep on my desk from a post-soda/post-microwave-meal/post-koala-punch-coma. And because I was drooling at my desk, sleeping there for about three hours, phones ringing – going unanswered – I almost got fired.

Long story short, dear diary, I am never going to forget my healthy snacks again. I don’t like who I become without them! When I don’t have my healthy snacks, I basically fail at life.


Cindy who never wants to be hangry again.


What are some of YOUR favorite healthy snacks?



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