How to Buy the Best Workout Pants for Your Booty

At SUPERCHARGED, we like to keep it REAL about fitness and life – really, really real. Like realer than real. The REALIEST – that’s a word, right? Like so real you can even smell the the freshly-real realness exuding from every video and blog post on this website.

And that most definitely includes our thoughts on workout clothing (watch video above please & thank ya!).

We live in sunny California, so we’re shamelessly healthy – and shamelessly all about looking good too. Not necessarily in a vain way, just in an honest and well, REAL way, as previously described.  

What we mean by “looking good” isn’t about having a body that mimics what we see on a magazine of overly-photoshopped women when we’re buying groceries. It’s not about trying to become that girl on the billboard who looks like she only eats one alfalfa sprout for her lunch either. It’s not about any superficial, societal idea of what perfection may be.


And from that place of flawless wholeness – NOT from inadequacy or any idea of unworthiness – but perfection, we can dance on and take one step at a time enjoying and maintaining the only bodies we’ve been given.

So, this isn’t about competition or looking better than anyone else. It’s about knowing what works for your own unique body – and what works for your own unique beautiful booty too!

But, whether you have a big ol’ voluptuous booty, or an itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny booty, there ARE some universal booty rules we can follow.

Just as there is a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there is also a universal declaration of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Workout Pants. Might not be approved by the U.N. or nearly as important, but still…

We all have a right to know, ya know?

Here goes:

If you have a massive toe that happily goes by the first name of “CAMEL,” THEN IT MIGHT BE TIME TO CHANGE WORKOUT PANTS.


If your workout pants feel rough, scaly, and dragon-skin-like, like one of Daenerys’s fire-breathing children, THEN IT MIGHT BE TIME TO CHANGE WORKOUT PANTS.

I'm going to be shaking my booty when I'm 55.

- Natalie Merchant

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If – due to the super-crazy-thin-material of the pants you’re wearing – you’re basically wearing that weird see-through raincoat of Zhora’s in Blade Runner, putting on a scary skin-show for everyone, THEN IT MIGHT BE TIME TO CHANGE WORKOUT PANTS.


If your workout gear is as thick as frickin’ car tires – or something you’d wear for protection when swimming with Great White sharks – which of course causes you to sweat profusely (as demonstrated below) all over everything and everyone, essentially refilling the water aquifer beneath our feet every time you exercise (Thank you for that at least #Drought #ClimateChange), THEN IT MIGHT BE TIME TO CHANGE WORKOUT PANTS.


If you’re wearing light-colored material that shows your BOOTY-SWEAT stains – or if you’re wearing jeans to exercise for goodness sake – Lawwwdy, nope, IT’S DEFINITELY TIME TO CHANGE THOSE WORKOUT PANTS.


And if your super-low-waistline basically makes you look like this, THEN ONCE AGAIN, IT MIGHT BE TIME TO CHANGE WORKOUT PANTS.

(NOTE: Don’t fret; there are plenty of tips in the video above for what to do to get your booty looking SUPER-REALER-THAN-REAL BOOTYLICIOUS!).

So daaaaaaaaaaat’s duh booty.

Now, for all about what to do with dem beautiful BOOBIES of yours, go here.

Because at SUPERCHARGED, we’re proud of our bodies, boobies, and booties. You should be too!


What types of leggings and workout pants work for YOU and why? Share your insights in the comments below. 



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christine January 18, 2017

I agree with Kwanza. Thicker fabrics are the best!

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