How to Get a Stronger Body Without Spending Hours at the Gym

Gyms are great. They really are. They help a ton of people stay fit, whether it’s the classes, the weights, the hot tubs, or the motivation of being around others who are also taking care of themselves.


Gyms are recommended for optimum health to be sure. Regular Gym-going + Regular Dance Cardio is truly awesome and one of the best ways to stay revitalized and Stay SUPERCHARGED, partly because it’s both healthy AND fun.

But gyms aren’t necessarily for everyone; there are definitely plenty of other ways to stay active and healthy. This is why Kwanza recommends some amazing plank variations in the video above, which you can do anytime, anywhere, gym or no gym. (See Plank Quick Guide below.)

If you didn’t grow up going to the gym, sometimes it’s just tough to get up and go – it’s definitely a commitment and an acquired taste – especially when these gym “types” are waiting for you every day. If you’ve ever been a part of a health club, then you’ve probably encountered the following glorious, hilarious characters. Let’s laugh with them shall we:


You may have encountered this person in the hot tub after your workout. Everyone else is there to just sit in the hot bubbles, letting the warmth massage their soul and their muscles, when this rabid chatty butterfly decides to descend upon you and tell you her entire life story, speed-talking a mile a minute with such excruciating detail that you just want to scream, “Day 1, It was a dark and stormy night…” She clearly uses you as a therapist, mainly because you just have to listen while she rambles on and on incessantly without breathing, until you finally get out of the hot tub to run away and shower all that non-stop blabbing off of you.

Your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it.

- Jack Lalane

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Yes, we are all made of water, but these folks make darn sure you know about it. Often times you never even see them, but they leave their slug trail of sweat everywhere they go. So if you wanted to find them, you most certainly could. Just follow the sweat trail. Pretty much every seat or bench or machine at the gym eventually looks like there was a recent flood, or the fire alarm maybe went off and set off the sprinklers – because all the equipment is now dripping in exactly one person’s perspiration. Yes, genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration, but give it a rest – or rather, give it a towel.


This is that gem who uses the gym as his/her own personal, glamorous runway show. Sometimes they’re not even wearing workout clothes, but they look like they’re ready for a night on the town in Parisian high society, caked-on makeup on, hand-bags instead of gym bags, strong looks instead of strong moves. Every look, every saunter down the weight-lined, rubber-floored room is a glazed, aloof look of don’t-look-at-me-but-yes-please-look-at-me. Because they’re waiting for camera flashes that never come. If you want to strike up a conversation, just forget it. Words don’t come out, only clothing trends. Basically this, but at your gym:



This person is usually in their golden years, and obviously bored, somewhat misguided, and in need of some attention – because he’s not there to work out. He’s there to walk up to you and tell you everything you’re doing “wrong,” recommending ancient tricks that have since been proven completely bad for everyone on the planet, 25 years ago – No, you should not do that bicep curl upside down, suspended from the ceiling, using old bungee cords you brought with you. The only way to avoid this guy is to simply nod your head and smile sweetly, and then just keep doing what you were doing until they get the hint that you know what you’re doing and they do not.


You can always find this person everywhere, yet nowhere – always slightly out of your line of sight, always out of the corner of your eye, blurry and googly-eyed. They’ve finessed the art of voyeuristically observing your every move, but are too bashful to say hello or ask you a question, sometimes too bashful to even exercise. So they wait, linger, and lurk in the shadows and potted plants, waiting for a chance to catch your glance – which, after some staring that goes on way too long, is met with a nervous look-away from them and back to fake-exercising to a hidden corner nearest you.


This one is probably one of the most enjoyable to experience, because it’s the purest form of nonsensical comedy there is. We get the need to breathe – that’s a good thing – but the need to scream, bark, grunt, and howl like an animal fighting for its life after every squat, bicep curl, and pinky curl is just too much. They’re usually the ones who violently drop the weights on the ground too, sending them flying, breaking mirrors and sometimes bones. We get it, you’re a man. So be a man, and use your inside voice. You can still get buff, minus our ears crying. Here we go:

So if gyms just aren’t your thing, that’s okay. Why not do some planks at home at least?


Because we love ya, no matter what kind of character you are.

DANCE ON, friends.



And PLANK ON too:

Plank Quick Guide:

Variations of the classic plank move allow you to change the intensity level.

Plank Variations

Variations of the classic plank move allow you to change the intensity level.

Low Intensity Plank (2:13)

Instead of letting your elbows support your body, your hands do the job. The position of this move is like a standard push up. But your arms stay straight.

High Intensity Side Plank (2:18)

With this move, your body is positioned to the side supported by one arm. Similar to the basic plank, you keep your elbow and forearm on the ground in an L-shaped position.

High Intensity Plank Jack (2:26)

This move combines planking with cardio. Get into a basic plank position. Then use your strength to move your legs and feet out and in, like you’re doing jumping jacks.

REMEMBER: Make sure your spine stays straight and doesn’t sag or arch. Also try not to strain your shoulders or bend your neck!

If you’re just starting out, you can aim for the 15-30 seconds mark, as suggested in the video. Once you get to 30, you can then move on little by little to become a Master:

  • Newbie: 30 seconds or more
  • Beginner: 1 minute or more
  • Intermediate: 3 minutes or more
  • Advanced: 5 minutes or more
  • Expert: 10 minutes or more
  • Master: 20 minutes or more


Which planking move do you most prefer, the basic version or a variation? Let us know in the comment field below.



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