*Example: WHAT NOT TO POST – Got Boobs? How to Choose the Best Workout Wear
ATTENTION: It is now time to celebrate the gloriousness of your larger-than-life breasts. Well, it’s time we celebrate the beauty and gloriousness of all boobies really, no matter what your breast size may be. You’re a beauty just as you are!
The Electrifying Benefits of SUPERCHARGED® Dance Fitness
Seeing other people dance can really lift your energy, mood, and motivation. Try it out!
Weekly Workout 5: OBLIQUES For Days
We've got a couple moves to help with your oblique game.
Weekly Workout 4: Give Yourself A LEG UP
Do something good for yourself today!
Hands Up to Elevate Everything
We're still sweating from powering up everyone at the LADOT's 2018 Health and Wellness Fair!
Are You Ready to Ignite Your Life?
Join a community that truly moves you.
Weekly Workout 3: MARCH Forward To Greatness!
The first step to achieve greatness is simply being bold enough to take that first step.
Weekly Workout 2: POWER UP Your Legs With This One!
True friends never let their friends skip leg day.
Weekly Workout 1: TURN IT UP With Your Own Spark!
Remember, no matter how or when or why you work out, the most important thing to do is move your own way!
In honor of International Day of Happiness...
Ignite Your Life, Empower Others, Spark Change
We're definitely still feeling the spark from our four-day body-electrifying, life-igniting weekend of discovering what it means to be a SUPERCHARGED® Igniter.
When Is The Last Time You Took A Vacation?
Vacations AT YOUR DESK are important, whether that’s in the form of stretching, a SUPERCHARGED® dance break, or just getting up and going for a walk.
How Can We Dance With Greatness?
Every day we can draw upon the SUPERCHARGED® power that resides within us all – the same creative source that has inspired and empowered women for ages upon ages to do great things.
Does the perfect job exist?
Because, let’s be honest. Sitting around on a couch, watching TV, yelling at a screen, drinking and eating with friends isn’t the greatest prescription for a healthy afternoon.
So what exactly is a SUPERCHARGED® Igniter?
Every one of our Igniters is a trained fitness and personal development coach who inspires transformation in others.
Does Your Workout Routine Super-Suck?
Ready to finally give up your creepy 80’s aerobics class with that scary teacher?
Behold, Bad Things Happen When You Get Hangry
Dear SUPERCHARGED Diary, I didn’t bring any of my normal healthy snacks - no fruit, no vegetables, no cashews or almonds. And, because I didn’t have my nuts, I kinda went nuts...
NOW Is the Best Time for Dance Time
Instead of reacting to things the same old, trained ways, embrace whatever you’re faced with right on the spot...
Halloween Dancing is Totally BOOOOtiful.
If you’re anything like us – a little bit dancey and a little bit spooky and always amazing – then you’re NOT – we repeat, NOT – gonna gorge yourself on chocolates and cheap candy this year for Halloween…
How to Stop Procrastinating For Good
We get it. Sometimes it’s tough to start doing what we want and need to do. And so, instead of choosing to embrace our own inner power, and say yes to success, we choose to tell ourselves that we’re stuck, we’ve got no luck, we’re powerless, wah wah waaaahh. Truth is, we have no choice but to...
Sweat It Out! Your Body Will Thank You
Reasons why sweating is health, wealth, and well-being gold.
A Few Things To Say To A Younger-You
Have you ever wanted to literally call your younger self on the phone?
This Is How You Become Your Own TEACHER
Remember, life is about learning and growing, moment by moment.
FLAWLESS Moves for FLAWLESS Feelings
There are actually science-backed benefits to positive self-talk - telling yourself good, lovely things. It’s proven to be healthy for both your mind and body to believe that you’re flawless - and even better if you dance while believing that!
This Is How You Stand Up For Yourself At Work
Dear Diary, I had the best day at work today. I can truly say I’ve never felt better. You could even say that I, well, I… I’m almost embarrassed to say it to you, because the feeling has been so foreign to me for so long. I felt...
Shhhh, A DANCE BREAK Will Make You Move It
Ever NOT know what to do when there’s trouble brewing on the roaring seas of yo’ life? Well... DANCE BREAK THAT SHIP UP! In other words, don’t get frustrated, nervous, annoyed, or angry...
It’s Workout Time for the Most Important Muscle Ever – Brain Power
Just in case you need a tad more positive reminders that you can write down with a permanent marker and Post-It all over your home, your car, your shining face, and all over your lovely life, here’s a list of ...
This Is What It Means To Be VICIOUS
We want you to be the best you there is, the SUPERCHARGED®-You!
How to Unwind Your Body and Mind So You Can Rest Easy
Not enough sleep, constantly worrying, and doing-too-much-too-fast catches up to us eventually - and then quickly saps our energy. To be SUPERCHARGED® we gotta Recharge, again and again.
Here’s an idea, MEET US AT IDEA WORLD!
You want more of that unmistakeable, body-pumping energy?
That’s a Stretch! Powerful Moves, Unlimited Energy
Most likely you also yawn and then give yourself a little STREEEEEETCH to start your day. Well, some of us...
Try This One Simple Thing and Have Better Relationships
Can you do it? Can you put down that iMost-Current-Model long enough to have a meaningful, face-to-face conversation?
Want the Secret Sauce for Workout Love?
It’s one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. It’s such a ginormous, gargantuan, beast of a big lie that we often don’t even know we are telling ourselves this lie for years upon years until someone tells us what it is. Well folks, here it is...
How to Make Plain Water a Brand New Habit You’ll Love
WATER you waiting for!? It's time to drink more water, because...
A Video That Will Help You Feel SUPERCHARGED® in Fitness and in Life
Dance along and sing along to SUPERCHARGED® moves and music.
It’s Truly a Matter of Life and Breath!
If we all just breathed in a little more deeply in every situation, the world would truly be a different place.
The Best Workout Feels More Like a Party
This video shows the kind of day we here at SUPERCHARGED® Studios love most.
You Absolutely Can Work Out the Safe Way
With so much information out there, it's easy to fall into misinformed ways of thinking.
Shake That Body & Seek The Truth
History is full of widely-believed theories that have eventually been debunked. And the same is true for health and fitness...
Get the Best Sleep and Wake up Feeling AMAZING
You're going to sleep so well tonight.
These High Energy Dance Moves Will Make You Fall in Love with Fun and Fitness
Go ahead and click this if you want to find out how dance fitness utilizes music, socialization, laughter, and of course - dance - to POWER UP YOUR LIFE!
Get Jacked with Jumping Jacks
Only have 5 or 10 minutes to get sweaty? That’s plenty of time, friends! Here's what you need to do...
Boost Your Fitness With These Fantastic Moves
As we know, there’s all kinds of bling in this world. Some bling shines, some bling sparkles, sometimes bling is just literally encrusting anything you own with gold or diamonds or glitter...
How to Get a Stronger Body Without Spending Hours at the Gym
Gyms aren’t necessarily for everyone; there are definitely plenty of other ways to stay active and healthy...
We are the ones in charge of our thoughts. For many, they feel trapped between warring factions within their brains...
Dance With Positivity For A Happier, Healthier You
How do we #StopHate and start loving? How do we stop crying about life and start dancing through it?
Want to Re-Energize Your Mind and Body? Look here!
When you have a big project at work, do you feel overwhelmed? Here's a secret...
Watch This Amazing Video and Supercharge Your Inner Hero
Hate comes in many forms. Thankfully, we’re able to stop every form of hate with all forms of love, expanded awareness, and our collective ever-growing compassion for all people...
How to Cut the Stress and Supercharge Your Mornings
An effective morning routine will free up more time and help you get out the door faster. SUPERCHARGED® CEO, Kwanza Jones shares her top tips for creating a morning routine that works!
Spark Up Your Workout & Move With Your Community
Whether you’re in a living room in Chicago, at a public park in Taipei, or frolicking around in Los Angeles with us, you’re welcome to dance with us!
How to Empower Your Life by Making Better, Faster Decisions
Decisions allow you to take specific courses of action. And without action, we cannot make the changes we want in our lives.
How to Live a Healthier Life through Fitness and Friendship
A few tips for how to love yourself madly...
How to Buy the Best Workout Pants for Your Booty
At SUPERCHARGED, we like to keep it REAL about fitness and life – really, really real...
How To Dance Like A Pro With These 3 Simple Moves
We’ve got all kinds of fitness levels in the SUPERCHARGED Society - all are welcome, all are awesome. As long as you’re moving, you’re grooving like a Pro in our book...
Got Boobs? How to Choose the Best Workout Wear
ATTENTION: It is now time to celebrate the gloriousness of your larger-than-life breasts. Well, it’s time we celebrate the beauty and gloriousness of all boobies really, no matter what your breast size may be. You’re a beauty just as you are!
How to Make Friends and Stay Fit At The Same Time
We recently stumbled across this endearing exchange between new friends...
Why It’s Okay to Ditch All Those New Year’s Resolutions
Why do you think so many New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by spring time? Probably because it’s basically a list of things that are set up from the beginning to make you feel like a downright failure...
The Top 12 Things That Inspire Us To Live More Viciously
We love to dance because it makes us feel connected to our bodies, our true passions, and the creative energy that fuels all of us to get up every day and move and change things for the better - for ourselves and for others, in fitness and in life. Dancing inspires us to live more presently and with more gratitude too.
If you haven’t had an awkward work party, or your annual Friends-mas party, or an overdone ugly sweater Christmas party yet, IT’S TIME...
Be Happy and Turn It Up for the Holidays
Christmas is here!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! ...So what does that mean exactly?
The Best Workout for Busy People
Feeling too busy to workout? Try out this three-minute dance cardio sequence to get the rest of your day SUPERCHARGED®!
How to Consistently Stay on Top of Your Workouts
If you don't like the workout you've been doing, change it up!
Need More Excitement in Your Life? Watch This Dance Cardio!
The benefits of a dancing with friends on a sunny beachside rooftop seems like a no-brainer. Just in case, here are a few benefits to exercising outdoors!​
A Few Things Only Dance-Lovers Can Be Thankful For
Dance-lovers - like all people - have so many reasons why we can say THANK YOU, not just today, but every day...
Get Up, Get Out and Supercharge Your Fitness Workout
One of the biggest festering, disgusting, rotten plagues rampant nowadays isn’t so much something caused by disease, but worse - taking ourselves too seriously...



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