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It's impossible to talk about SUPERCHARGED without first talking about our founder and CEO, Kwanza Jones. She’s a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate, and a catalyst for personal success. Moreover, as a life and business strategist, Kwanza boosts individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions to be better so we can improve the world, together. Also, she has committed over $75 million to these efforts.

A number of years ago, Kwanza began recording motivational music to help people with their work and workouts. These songs served as inspirational anthems that elevated people's mood and mindset. That was the foundation of SUPERCHARGED.

Since then, as mentioned in Forbes, Kwanza has lent her energy and personality to the growing SUPERCHARGED movement. Kwanza's experiences are deep and wide -- from media, finance, personal development, well-being, and philanthropy. Therefore, her commitment is clear. She is a powerhouse that defies labels and limits, and she's boosting and building and bringing others with her.

Kwanza Jones


One day, Kwanza had a revelation. She was in the studio working on new music when she got the dreaded “low battery” warning on her smartphone. In that moment, Kwanza Jones did what we all do — made a mad dash to plug it in.

That’s when it struck her.

She thought, “People make a point of charging their phone, computer, or device. But how much better would you be if you plugged in and got energy + power to live a better life?”

SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones was created to do just that.



We are a media company and personal development community that builds your knowledge and your network.

Our mission is to boost humans to be better and improve the world… together.

Our purpose is to build a place where people can connect to discover, learn, and share resources that help them fulfill their human potential and improve their lives.

Our vision is simple... to be earth's most action-inspiring organization.

Boost Friends Community


Knowledge is power, and so is your network. Join us to build greater wealth, better health, more knowledge, and opportunities together. SUPERCHARGED founder and CEO, Kwanza Jones, created The Kwanza Jones Boost Friends™ Community because no one succeeds alone…sometimes you need a boost.

Connect to a new type of friend. The kind that’s invested in each others’ growth. Let’s change the world together.

We’re inclusive, yet exclusive.