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Our Story, Our Vision

Elevate the world by empowering lives

Kwanza Jones, founder and creator of SUPERCHARGED®, had a revelation. She was in the studio working on new music when she got the dreaded “low battery” warning on her smartphone. In that moment, Kwanza Jones did what we all do — made a mad dash to plug it in.

That’s when it struck her.

She thought, “people make a point of charging their phone, computer or device. But, how much better would you be if you plugged in and got energy + power to live a better life?”

SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones was created to do just that.

We power up your life.

Our Mission

Our Mission, Our Purpose

Ignite energy and improvement in achievers

SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones is a lifestyle brand and personal development app that builds your power, confidence and connections.

Our mission is to help you improve your life. Through the SUPERCHARGED app you take small daily actions that "boost" your energy, confidence and productivity.

We're not trying to be your best friend. We're going to be your Boost Friend

Our Mission



Kwanza Jones is the Founder and CEO of SUPERCHARGED®, and a catalyst for personal success. Her experience across finance, personal development, fitness, music, and philanthropy makes her a powerhouse that defies labels and limits.

Learn more at kwanzajones.com.