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Welcome to the New Way Of Goal Setting

Simplified, Streamlined,


Ignite your health, wealth, and self this year with our SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones Billionaire Blueprint™ Goal Setting Worksheet

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Love dreaming BIG, but hate getting lost in the process of goal setting?

We're Willing to Bet You're a High Achiever Who...

  • ...dreams up BIG goals, regularly.
  • ...levels up, frequently.
  • ...and pursues your mission and vision, relentlessly.

Buuuut... you also suffer from goal setting decision fatigue?

Maybe You've

  • Read all the best goal setting books
  • Attended webinars from productivity experts
  • Watched popular YouTube videos on how to achieve your New Year's Resolutions.
  • And purchased expensive Life Journals that map out your next 10 years.

But Have you ever thought that...

with all the time you spent crafting vision boards, bullet journaling, and listening to expert podcasts...

you could have just been achieving your goals already (instead of just setting them)?

We thought so too.

And it got us thinking...

What if goal setting became a simple, streamlined process that didn't result in overwhelm and analysis paralysis?

Introducing the Billionaire Blueprint™

Goal Setting Worksheet…

The shortest, most effective, goal planning worksheet created by billionaires, philanthropists, and investors, Kwanza Jones and José. E. Feliciano.

Goal Setting Worksheet

The Billionaire Blueprint™ Worksheet is designed to be:



It’s 7 highly intentional questions for laser-focused goal setting. No complicated journal prompts, hour-long webinars, or lengthy self-help books to read. (Whew!)



No fluff, filler, or fudging around. Precisely crafted to keep you moving forward.



This is goal setting on hyper-drive. This will get you thinking in new ways so that you can move past goal setting… and into goal getting.

Who is Kwanza Jones?

Kwanza Jones is a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate, catalyst for personal success. As an investor, public speaker, music artist, philanthropist, and CEO, her life is dedicated to improving individuals, businesses, and institutions—all for one simple goal: to improve the world, together.

Her goal is to boost a billion lives and she does that through culture, community, and capital.

Kwanza Jones has committed over $150 million to these efforts, focusing on creating lasting impact in four key areas: Education, Entrepreneurship, Equity, and Empowerment.

Several years ago, Kwanza began recording music with the intent to amplify motivation in work and exercise. These songs served as inspirational anthems that elevated mood and mind, eventually attracting a fiery fan following.

This energy and shared desire for up-leveling among her fans was the foundation of SUPERCHARGED®, the #1 source for self-improvement, a website committed to empowering and encouraging content and community.

Kwanza Jones is a powerhouse that defies labels and limits.

But most importantly, she’s boosting, building, and bringing others with her.

Can Kwanza Really Help Me Level Up?

She is literally supercharging people to make connections, push themselves harder, and do big things.


I took SO MANY NOTES! I'm also setting up time on my calendar tomorrow to go over all of these apps and tips. I'm ready to boost my finances!


I'm not surprised that Kwanza brings it like this – everyday, everytime. And, that's what she's expecting and encouraging everyone to do.


Your biggest dreams are on the other side of this 7 question goal setting worksheet. Are you in?

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