Christmas with friends

In celebration of our new Holiday EP release titled "A SUPERCHARGED Christmas by Kwanza Jones", we are making a music video for the "Christmas With Friends" track and would love to feature you and your Boost Friends.

lyric video

lyric video

Watch the full "Christmas With Friends" lyric video now.

SUPERCHARGED - Christmas With Friends Thumbnail



Follow the 3 steps below and submit your videos to be featured.

Step 1

Chorus, Bridge and Clap

Pick the section you want to lip sync: Chorus, Bridge, and/or Clap.

  • Do 1 or all 3. It’s up to you!
  • Sing-along videos are available below.

Step 2

holiday company party ideas

Record yourself on your phone or computer.

  • Pick an area with great lighting.
  • Have fun! Dance. Be creative. Wear your holiday apparel.

Step 3

holiday company party ideas

Click here to submit your videos.

  • Don't forget to provide your Instagram handle when you submit your video.
  • We'll tag you in the final music video when we post it!

Submission period will be open until Sunday 12/13/20 and we will release the full music video next week!

SIng Along

sing along

Click the videos to play.

Christmas with Friends Chorus
Christmas with Friends Bridge
Christmas with Friends Clap along

submit your videos

submit your videos