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How to invest in a better future

How to Invest In a Better Future and Create Lasting Impact: Kwanza Jones’ Guide to Impact Investing

“When you have a million-dollar vision, don’t surround yourself with one cent minds.”

Our CEO & Founder, Kwanza Jones, may not have coined this phrase, but she certainly lives by it. Alongside her partner in business and life, José, Kwanza has created the Kwanza Jones and José E. Feliciano’s Initiative (Jones+Feliciano) to surround herself with the RIGHT people and invest with meaningful IMPACT.

AKA: She POWERS possibilities through POWER partnerships.

What exactly does that mean? Well, she boosts organizations with the same values as her and Jones+Feliciano: Education, Entrepreneurship, Equity, and Empowerment, and doesn’t rest until they have all the resources they need to succeed.

Whether it’s donating $1 Million to Bennett College—her mother’s alma mater and one of the U.S.’s first historically Black institutions for women—or investing in Inspired Capital, who back early-stage founders with transformative ideas, Kwanza’s not your average Billionaire Boost Friend...she’s a game-changer.

Kwanza realizes that there’s just as much power in who receives her money as the actual money she donates. In the words of our fearless leader,

“I don’t do charity. I don’t do handouts. My investments are RESULTS driven.”

She doesn’t aimlessly engage in philanthropy...quite the opposite actually. Her contributions are intentional and impactful in order to create a bigger, brighter, more colorful future for us all. Keep reading below to see her SUPERCHARGED process so you can do the same.

1) Find Powerful Possibilities

Kwanza’s first stop is always to look at her own community and see where potential lies. Although not exclusively, she intentionally takes into account diversity and inclusion as well as access to capital for underrepresented groups.

Where are women and POC underrepresented? Where could they use some financial assistance or coaching in order to blossom into the SUPERCHARGED leaders of tomorrow?

The search might not be easy, but it’s ALWAYS worth it.

2) Find Powerful Purpose

Once you’ve located a person or place that needs your help, it’s time to get personal. Sit down with that organization’s CEO, founder, or board of directors and ask them:

“If I invested my money or time here, how would it be used? What’s your big goal for the future?” This is the part of the process where you make sure your values align with theirs, so really listen to the responses you get.

Are they genuine? Do they truly seem dedicated to paving better futures for the community you’re set on helping? Are their hearts in the right place?

And most importantly, do they have the SUPERCHARGED work ethic to get it done?
Make sure all these answers are a resounding Y-E-S! Because trust us...nothing’s worse than good-intentioned money falling into purposeless hands.

3) Strike up a Power Partnership

If your values seem to align, then congratulations! You’ve found yourself a power partnership that will unlock untapped potential! Move ahead and confidentially invest your time and/or money with impact at your chosen organization.

And while you do, keep Jones+Feliciano's guiding principles in mind: Education. Entrepreneurship. Equity. Empowerment.
How is this organization contributing to one or more of these very important values?

How can you double or triple this impact? What other power partners can you bring in to pave the better, more equitable future that Jones+Feliciano is working to create?

At this moment in time, only you can answer that. But once you’ve got some power partnerships under your belt, we can’t wait to hear all about it!

Jones+Feliciano and Your Boost Friends™ at SUPERCHARGED

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