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How to Prevent Fear

How to Prevent Fear from Holding You Back From Success


Hi Boost Friends! Welcome back to Successful at SUPERCHARGED. We hope you woke up today feeling energized, powerful, and unstoppable. But luckily, if you didn't, don't sweat it. Because Sarah Luna, our very own Creative Director at SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones, is here to serve you with inspiration for dayzzz.

How did Sarah prevent her fears and find Success at SUPERCHARGED?

As you know Boost Friend, success doesn't exactly grow on trees; and Sarah had to learn just that when she stepped into her role at SUPERCHARGED. We're all about being FAST and FLEXIBLE, which was a #major adjustment for Sarah's working style. The only way she was able to blossom into the confident, organized, and well-spoken individual you see today is by embracing challenges, welcoming fear, and pushing her limits to break through barriers.

In this Successful at SUPERCHARGED episode, Sarah tells it like it is. Success is earned, not given. Through trials, tribulations, and never giving up, you too can embrace a growth mindset and be one step closer to personal success. Never forget that failure is not a reason to throw in the towel. It's your First Attempt In Learning! So stop beating yourself up for mistakes you've made or opportunities you've missed. Today is a new day to show the world why you're a #boss.

The best work comes from collaboration and playing off your team's strengths.

Perfectionism: Is it REALLY your finest quality?

As you listen to Sarah's story, you'll see that her perfectionism hasn't always been kind to her. In fact, it sparked self-defeating thoughts that held her back from embracing new opportunities. She quickly learned that in order to prevent the fear of not delivering perfect work, she had to boost her mindset. Sarah's got us all asking: Is it really a good thing to be a perfectionist?

Truth is, it can hurt you more than it can help you, so you've got to know when to let go of your legos... because teamwork makes the teamwork! Say goodbye to the days of taking all the credit. Cuz...let's be's not a good look anymore. The best work comes from collaboration and playing off your team's strengths. You don't have to be a one [wo]man show to be unstoppable. Real #BoostFriends know that multiple minds work wayyy better than one.

So how do I prevent fear from holding me back?

Each and every Successful at SUPERCHARGED episode is sure to have you doing some serious soul searching. And today's is no different. You have the power to reach levels that you didn't think were possible, so what exactly is holding you back? Is it your insecurity? Ego? It's time to lay those fears to rest and break the barriers that have been holding you backing from kicking ass at reaching your goals.

You may remember from Episode 1 that we always come through with an action-oriented challenge for you. You gotta put in some #realwork if you want to see #realresults. Click below to get exclusive access to our worksheet that will help you prevent fears, embrace challenges, and put in that #WERK! This one's for growth mind setters only; aka the people that want to learn more, do more, and take action towards real change.


Face your fears head-on with our #ThisWeekIWill boost worksheet and IG Story Template. These 2 resources will help you apply Sarah's strategy for achieving success to your goals this week. Can you keep it real with yourself the way Sarah kept it real with us?

We know...this may be hard, but remember, we're rooting for you every step of the way. As our founder and CEO Kwanza Jones says, no one succeeds alone.

Don't let this be goodbye

Thanks for stopping by to give your mind a little extra love today. It's important to pause every now and again to give yourself the TLC you deserve. But...why let the VIP self-love treatment stop here?

What we're saying is...will you please accept our friend request? Join us at today to become a part of our inner circle. Why wait to get inspiration once a week when your Boost Friends can be here for you 24/7!

See ya soon #BoostFriend! 

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