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SUPERCHARGED Sayings and Kwanza-isms: A Dictionary of All Things SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones

SUPERCHARGED Sayings and Kwanza-isms: A Dictionary of All Things SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones

Hey Boost Friend! Here at SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones, we keep things ignited and elevated.

We're sharing some of the lingo you might hear around here...


Boost Friend™

👉  A good friend + a trusted mentor rolled into one

👉  You'll often hear Kwanza Jones asking the question... You may have a best friend but do you have a Boost Friend?

👉  Boost Friend™ originates from Kwanza Jones' belief that no one succeeds alone... sometimes you need a boost.


👉 Team + Family = Teamily 

👉 Kwanza Jones always says, we are a SUPERCHARGED Team and a SUPERCHARGED family. You put the two together and that equals a SUPERCHARGED Teamily

Money Boost

👉 Who doesn’t love a good money boost? Ever found a $5 bill on the floor and it transformed your entire day? What if you had impactful tools and resources that helped you learn to negotiate better in order to level up your salary? Or even tips on how to budget better to hit your savings goal sooner than you planned? Now that could transform your life! That’s right…stick with us for money boosts that will take you to that next level. Can someone say CHA-ching!! 🤑

Mindset Boost

👉 The power behind any change starts with your mindset. It’s incredibly hard to achieve your goals if your mind isn’t in the right place. Sometimes you just need a quick pick-me-up, while at other times you need to be reminded of all the power you have inside. That’s a mental boost. We go beyond breathing exercises and meditation to the SUPERCHARGED end of the spectrum by incorporating energy-igniting and sensory-exciting tools that not only get you fired up about your goals but also help you reset mentally to achieve them at a high level. Level up your mindset, level up your life.🙌

Movement Boost

👉 Get up and get moving! You can’t win the race if you’re staying stagnant. We boost you to make moves, and we don’t mean intense exercises...but simply physical things you can do that help you regain focus and perspective on the day's challenges. It can be as simple as waving your hands in the air, a quick walk around the block, or even a morning stretch before you start your day. Whatever it is, we know how to get you moving!💃

Motivation Boost

👉 There’s no doubt that we aspire to inspire. But inspiration to SUPERCHARGED means more than just memes and gifs. We inspire ACTION! The action you take is what moves you toward your goals and makes an impact. That’s what we’re alllll about! ✓

Mood Boost

👉 Truth is, you may not feel SUPERCHARGED all the time. And that’s okay! If you’re feeling down in the dumps, there’s no better way to uplift your mood than to surround yourself with GOOD energy. That’s what boosting is all about!😌

Music Boost

👉 Oh you didn’t know? One way we bring you energy igniting, sensory exciting content is through the power of MUSIC!! Most — if not all— of the music you hear at our events, workshops, and in our videos are created here at SUPERCHARGED with you in mind. Fun fact, our CEO, Kwanza Jones is a nine-time billboard charting artist.🎵

The SUPERCHARGED Sayings and Kwanza-isms dictionary is constantly updated. Check back for more. 

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Like our founder Kwanza Jones says... we're not trying to be your best friend. We're going to be your Boost Friend™.