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5 Top Reasons to Watch Successful at SUPERCHARGED to Discover the Keys to Boosting Your Success

Hey Boost Friend! We're happy to see you're showing up for YOU by staying in touch with the latest here at SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones. We’ve got some keys to success for you.

But first, while we have your attention, can we ask you a quick question? Over the past couple months have you felt stuck? Unmotivated? Stressed the F out?

Maybe as you clicked "I'm Still Watching" on your fifth series binge, or as you rolled off your couch to grab your umpteenth bag of potato chips, did you ever stop to think: I could use some REAL inspo right now?

If that sounds all too familiar, we got your back. Times are hard now, but they don't have to stay that way. It's time for an at-home #GLOWUP and we know just how to get you started.

Introducing...Successful at SUPERCHARGED - Keys to Success

By now, you know that SUPERCHARGED is all about inspiring action. That also applies to your job… whether you’re working at home or IRL inside the office.

What’s it like working at SUPERCHARGED? Think of a cheetah. Yes... a cheetah! We all know that they’re fast but did you know that their extremely flexible spines allow them to reach superhuman speeds? Crazy right? Needless to say, we’re FAST and FLEXIBLE.

That’s right, we’re no stranger to hard work! Each team member is extremely dedicated and is damn good at what they do. That's why our founder and CEO, Kwanza Jones, wanted the team to share their success strategies with each other.

Because we’re all about SUBSTANCE over the SUPERFICIAL, each team member decided to dig deep and share their tips, tools, and secrets for success with our entire SUPERCHARGED team, and now…YOU.

It's all love.

And, if we're not finding ways to give you a boost, we wouldn't be SUPERCHARGED would we? So ya know we couldn't keep this awesomeness to ourselves. And, yes, our keys to success = next level awesomeness.   

But...What Exactly is Successful at SUPERCHARGED?

Consider this your personal invitation to level up. Successful at SUPERCHARGED is a monthly series you'll actually WANT to watch. In less than 5 minutes, you'll get the scoop on team SUPERCHARGED and how they got to where they are today.

The stories you'll see in Successful at SUPERCHARGED are from our actual team members, so you know they'll cut out the BS and keep it real. No get rich quick schemes or cookie-cutter inspirational quotes. With these videos, you get the real deal... REAL stories from our REAL team members about their REAL keys to success. If that's not quality content then we don't know what is.

5 Reasons YOU NEED to Tune In

OH, and did we mention...this series on professional and personal development was made specifically with you in mind. There’s a reason why SUPERCHARGED is your #1 source for self-improvement. You'll definitely want to make sure you click "pause" on Netflix and "play" on our posts. Here are 5 reasons why:

1) Get an Inside Look at the SUPERCHARGED Team

Now that you're part of the SUPERCHARGED fam, we're going to treat you like an insider. Get to know us on a whole new level! From our personal highs to our personal lows, nothing is off-limits in this series.

2) Actual Tools You Can Use

In each vid, our team members answer real Q’s that you'll want to know the A’s to. What roadblocks did they hit along the way? How did they become a SUPERCHARGED team member? Only you, Boost Friend, get that exclusive scoop!

3) Hot Off the Press

This content is brand new and there’s nothing else like it out there. So why not toss your outdated resources aside and tune into info that is #relevantAF from people who are living through these experiences IN REAL TIME.

4) Real Stories, Real People, Real Solutions

What you'll hear in our Successful at SUPERCHARGED series isn't scripted or #FakeNews. The stories being shared are true, personal and professional success stories...aka, ones you can actually learn from.

5) Grow Into a New SUPERCHARGED You

At the end of the day, our goal is to help you create the life you want. We're here to fast-track you into a growth mindset, help you define what success looks like for you, and then, help you achieve it. We know that real #GROWTH is a personal experience, and we're here to help you. From one #RealOne to another.

Time to Level Up. So What’s Your Next Move?

We hope you’re just as excited as we are to start this personal growth journey. You can expect the very first episode of Successful at SUPERCHARGED to launch next Tuesday. To stay up to date and meet new #BoostFriends along the way, head over to and learn more about joining our Boost Friend Community. It’s the place where we keep each other accountable.

Will you tune in to the series that can change your life? Or will you keep letting life-changing opportunities pass you by? It's up to you...but we all know what Kwanza Jones would do.

Click here to subscribe and get notified when we release new episodes of Successful at SUPERCHARGED.

As Kwanza Jones says… bye for now!

We’ll see you next week #BoostFriend  

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