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Why You Should Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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What have you done recently to improve yourself? Are you able to get out of your comfort zone to help you grow or get closer to your goals? Did you learn a new skill? Or maybe you finally completed that task you’ve been postponing?

As for us here at SUPERCHARGED®, this summer, we worked with a number of interns who stepped outside their comfort zone to improve themselves. Ariana Gilmore was one of them.

By getting out of her comfort zone, she was able to increase her personal values and get a better sense of how much more she is worth.

Ariana Gilmore is a junior media production major at Alabama A&M University. She is a natural-born performer and loves to direct multiple forms of media, including live and film.

She was one of our summer interns at the Music Production & Marketing department. Here is her take on the experience.

get out of your comforst zone Ariana Gilmore

Internship Experience Q & A with Ariana Gilmore

What is One New Skill You Learned?

Copywriting and creating project briefs.

What is One Way You Stepped Outside of Your Comfort Zone?

I had to present so many ideas to internal team members who are well rounded & skilled in their profession.

What Was the Most Challenging Part Of Your Internship?

Staying on schedule for all the deliverables I assigned myself for a week milestone. Considering lots of things had workflows and certain approvals needed, I had to be okay with things switching up or being pushed back/up.

What Internship Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

The music video! And the landing page❤.

internship experience

What Surprised You the Most About Your Internship?

All of the mentor circles and boost meetings we had to elevate our skills and mindset.

What Was Your Favorite Activity During the Internship Program?

Box Union for sure! But I thoroughly enjoyed the boost your brand day and getting our headshots taken.

What Was Your Favorite Meal During Your Irl Visits?

The West Side Mediterranean Catering was bombbb! I ate literally the same cheese chicken wrap from there again the second IRL week.

How Has this Internship Impacted You?

It has made me reevaluate the definition of impact and has helped shed light on my worth a ton more.

Describe this Summer’s SUPERCHARGED Internship Experience in One Word


What Will You Miss Most About Your Internship Experience?

The PEOPLE! I loved working with everyone and being in day to day contact with the team!

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