Reunity: The Pan African Women's Philanthropy Network Summit

August 29th, 2020 | 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM Pacific Time

The only thing consistent in life is change. We are in the midst of so much change, some unexpected, and some long overdue.

Unfortunately, the black community still faces economic injustice and is still highly underrepresented in the world of investing…especially black women. There is a need for change economically and that is why our founder and CEO Kwanza Jones continues to emphasize the importance of impact. We not only boost ourselves, but we boost the world too.

This is a community issue, not an individual issue. We work better, together because no one succeeds alone.

On August 29th, Kwanza Jones will be joining our Boost Friend, Dr. Jackie Copeland, founder of the Wise Fund, for a fireside chat at Reunity: The Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network Virtual Summit.

They’ll discuss ways to rethink the idea of philanthropy, social impact investing, angel investing, and venture capital to create a more equitable future.

Be a part of change and growth by joining the conversation. Click the link below to register.


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