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How To Safely Celebrate Christmas With Friends & Family During The Pandemic

The holidays are hitting a little differently this year. It’s tough getting into the holiday spirit when you can’t get together with all of your friends and family the way you normally would.

But what if we told you that you still could...safely, of course. Thankfully, we were still able to spend time with all of our Boost Friends™, and we didn’t even have to leave our houses!

If you haven’t heard yet, we just released our new single, “Christmas With Friends.” We challenged our Boost Friends to submit footage of themselves singing along to the track for a chance to get featured in our music video.

And guess what!? Our Boost Friends CAME THROUGH and SHOWED out!

“Ain’t no party like a Boost Friend party ‘cause a Boost Friend party don’t stop!”

Dance routines. Ugly Christmas sweaters. Fur friends. Matching PJs...The energy was definitely SUPERCHARGED!

We’re so excited to share how the video turned out, and we hope you can use this as inspo for your annual get together.

A New Way To Spend Christmas With Friends

Although you may not be having your normal gatherings with your friends and your extended family, you can still get boosted for the holidays by connecting virtually. Here are some virtual celebration ideas to get your wheels spinning:

Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

👉 Hop on zoom and have your friends and fam dress up in Ugly Christmas Sweaters. The person with the ugliest sweater gets a prize of your choice!

Virtual Christmas Dinner

👉 Just because all of your friends and family won’t be in the same household this year doesn’t mean you can’t still eat together. Prop up your phone or laptop and dine together virtually. You can even order matching plate settings ahead of time so that it feels close to the real thing!

Virtual Secret Santa

👉 Fun gift-giving doesn’t have to stop this year. If you’re planning to host a Secret Santa gift exchange but are wary of anyone stopping by, ship it to them anonymously! You can all hop online, open your gifts together, and reveal who got who via zoom.

Record a Christmas Sing-A-Long

👉 If you want to have a Christmas sing-a-long like we did, we’ve got a whole EP of songs you can jam out to. Send everyone the parts you want them to record and put it all together to make a fun Christmas video you can reminisce on beyond this year! Check out our Christmas songs here.

Social distancing isn’t the most ideal way to bring in the holidays, but there are so many ways you can still get into the holiday spirit. Remember...we’re connected no matter the distance! If you need an extra boost this holiday season, remember that you aren’t alone and you have a whole community of Boost Friends here to support you!

Happy Holidays & Stay SUPERCHARGED® Boost Friends!

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