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Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick: How To Get Ahead Before 2021 Hits

Tired of setting goals year after year and not sticking to it? Sick of hashtagging #NewYearNewMe every December 31st when in reality nothing changes at all?

Well listen up, Boost Friends! We hear you, we see you, and WE'RE READY to help you make your New Year's Resolutions stick. These 3 SUPERCHARGED Steps may not be easy or fun...but trust us when we tell you they #WORK.

Step 1) Start With Gratitude

First thing's first, Boost Friend.

In order to get boosted, you’ll need to start with a grateful attitude. 2020 was a hard year for all of us, so first take a moment to acknowledge everything you've done to get to this point—no matter how big or small these accomplishments may feel.

Before we get deep into goal setting in 2021, you need to remind yourself that NOBODY—not even our Billionaire Boost Friend Kwanza Jones—succeeds alone. Set up your 2021 for success by having the right people by your side.

Step 2) Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Dreamers and Doers

Say "ba-bye" to the haters and Debbie-downers of 2020, and say HELLO to friends and mentors that live in the present and future. TBH, nobody ever got to their destination by looking in the rearview mirror the whole trip.

If you feel like a supportive social circle is not in the cards for you right now, think again cuz as usual, we've got you covered. Apply now for our Boost Friends community so that you can start 2021 off with a bang! Our Boost Friend inner circle is exactly the self-motivated, positive, dreamers and achievers you always wished you could call up for advice. The only difference with SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends is that you actually can.

Step 3) Set and Get those New Year's Goals!

Ok, ok. Now that you've given yourself some #TLC and surrounded yourself with others who will do the same, it's time for us to dish out the deets. How can you *actually* set a New Year's Resolution that works?!

Well, TBH, the advice we're about to give you has been kept on the DL for quite some time now. In fact, it's the *actual* goal setting guide that Kwanza and her partner in life and business Jose, use to reset and recharge their intentions each and every year. And considering that they invest millions for impact and inspire millions of others every day, we'd have to say it's working pretty well for them.

The secret is...some real, deep self-reflection. None of that cookie-cutter, surface-level stuff, but real, deep, meaningful, self-questioning and course correcting. In the words of Jose, "you can't be afraid of reinventing yourself."

Sometimes the hardest part of making New Year's Resolutions is realizing that you're not the same person you were 365 days ago. You may have new wants, new needs, and new goal-setting desires, and that’s okay...despite what that little voice inside your head is saying. The sooner you own it and acknowledge it, the sooner you'll be a success story because of it!

What if I don't even know what I want anymore?

Hey, you're not the first person to wonder that, and you won't be the last. We hope these seven self-reflecting questions will help you get clarity on the path you want to take.

1) What do you like to do?

In other words, what's that one thing you would continue to do even if you have never received a cent of money for it? Educate? Inspire? Empower?

2) What do you want to do?

Keeping in mind that sometimes what you want to do is different from what you ‘like' to do.

3) What are you good at?

As you consider this question, you might realize that your strengths don't exactly align with your likes...yet.

4) What do you need to do?

Not in a "this is my destiny" kind of way, but in a practical sense. To achieve your goals, what type of menial tasks do you have to roll up your sleeves and put your head down to do? i.e. network, contract employees, find a new office space, etc.

5) What are you willing to do?

This is not to be confused with what you need to do. What are you willing to do? Are you willing to quit a job that no longer aligns with your values? Cut off some toxic people? Downsize your living space to fund your new dream? AKA: What risks are you willing to take? And more importantly, are you willing to fail?

6) Where are you going?

Not just in a physical sense but in a mental sense too. Psychologically and emotionally, where do you hope to be once this goal is achieved?

7) How will you make it happen?

Tally up all your answers, then see what similarities and through-lines come up, and decide: "what are the next five actionable steps I have to take to make this happen?!"

Now, don't worry, we're not expecting you to have all these answers right now. In fact, we want you to take your time and put effort into your answers.

To help you dig deeper, complete the SUPERCHARGED Boost Blueprint–your #1 goal-getting guide.

Before we let you go...

What do you think will be the most powerful action you'll take from this article in terms of setting your New Year's Goals: Joining the Boost Friends community? Answering the 7 self-reflecting questions?

Just like with goal-setting and goal-getting, there's no right or wrong answer here. Just remember that Intention + Action = Major Change. As long as you are committed to both, there's NO WAY 2021 will lead you astray.

Stay SUPERCHARGED, Boost Friends!

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