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How To Form Good Habits In 2021 And Become A Part Of The 8%

With 2020 coming to a close, we've got some tea you can't afford NOT to hear.

'Cuz here at SUPERCHARGED® with Kwanza Jones as our fearless leader.... we figured it out EXACTLY how YOU can be a part of the 8%!

Yes, you read that right...8%. Not the top 1% that controls Wall Street and all that jazz but the all more impressive top 8%.

And who is that exactly? Well, it's those magical 8% of people you didn't think existed. It's the 8% of people who ACTUALLY achieve their New Year Resolutions.

Get A Head Start on Good Habits in 2021

At this point in your life when you hear News Years Resolution, you probably scoff a little. "Oh, you mean like those 10 pounds I was supposed to drop 15 years ago?"

Here at SUPERCHARGED we want to turn those doubts right around. Challenge your limiting beliefs by asking: What if I COULD ACTUALLY achieve my New Year's Resolution this year? What if it IS possible with a little bit of belief and a whole lotta discipline?

Feeling boosted up already? We thought so!

So grab a pen and a piece of paper cuz we're about to educate you on how you can get ahead in 2021 and make it to the top 8%!

Step 1 - Make room for new connections

Whether you're familiar with the work of the organizational enthusiast, Marie Kondo or not, you've probably heard of the saying: "Only keep what sparks joy!"
Well, we would have to agree, but when we say that, we're talking about WAY MORE than just your underwear drawer.

What we mean is that you've got to start taking inventory of your life. Make a tall cup of coffee and mentally walk yourself through a day in your life. What is sparking your joy, and what is keeping you down?

For example, the chill vibes in your apartment may be sparking your joy, but as soon as your roommate walks in...BOOM, your mood instantly plummets.

If that sounds like you and the people and environments in your life are what's keeping you down, then it just might be time to cut them off and move ahead cuz you got New Years Goals to achieve! AKA: no time for any kind of negativity to bring you down... whether that's from your roommate, job, your friends, your family, or even your significant other.

If you're feeling like your life is lacking a little bit of love, it’s time for you to look into a Boost Friend!

Boost Friends are life mentors and positivity cultivators—they have an attitude of gratitude and an impressive resume that are sure to give your life the boost it needs in 2021. So if you're ready for that "New Year, New You” glow up, then start with your inner circle.

Clear your contacts of toxicity spreaders and positivity drainers, and visit to get yourself a Boost Friend. The best way to achieve your New Years Goals is to have some uplifting friends in your corner.

Step 2 - Make a Goal

Ok, now that we cut the negativity out of your daily routine, you're ready to choose your New Years Goal.

Now, if you're anything like Kwanza, you probably already know exactly what that is, but allow us to give you some SUPERCHARGED food for thought anyway.

Last year, we held an event on this very topic: What are your New Years Resolutions, and how can you make them a reality?

And guess what...the answers weren't sports cars and mansions...they were "practicing more gratitude in my relationships" and "making bold moves in my career."

Well, color us IM-PRESSED! These goals are 100% the types of mental and emotional commitments that are going to lead to real life changes!

Now it's your turn. Dig deeper than a slimmer waistline or a fatter bank account. Pick one of our four focus categories: relationship, career, well-being, and finances; then pair it with whichever SUPERCHARGED New Years Resolution word feels most fitting for you: Gratitude, Boldness, Consistency, Focus, Discipline, Fearlessness, or Resiliency.

Got your focus word pairing? (Focus Category + Action Word?)

Good. Let's move on to what really matters... #MakingAPlan

Step 3 - Make a Plan

Now that you've got your positive-vibe lifestyle in check and your goal figured out, sounds like your New Years Resolution is good to go...right? Wrong! Not so fast, Boost Friend!

Maybe that was all you needed BEFORE you were a part of the elite 8%...but things are much different now! You're bigger, better, and more boosted than ever before! And you know what our most boosted Billionaire Boost Friends have that the other 92% don't?

A plan—a written guide of EXACTLY how they will make their dream into a reality.

It's more than just vision boards and meditating. It’s daily, weekly, and monthly goals that you intentionally set out to achieve at the beginning of each day.

And it all starts right now. Not tomorrow. Not tonight. Not in a minute. NOW.

So what are you waiting for? Download our Billionaire Blueprint so that you can get your goals together and form good habits in 2021.

Happy New Year, Boost Friends!

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