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10 Reasons We CRUSHED 2020


Every time you see another new year reflection article that starts off saying, "2020 was hard, but..." you scroll to the next story as quickly as possible, right? Us too! As always, team SUPERCHARGED looks for opportunities by staying positive, recognizing our progress, and owning that there's always room to grow and learn. So, here are 10 reasons we crushed 2020.

1)  Firstly, we gave our event studio the world's best facelift. And no, we're not just talking about a fresh coat of paint but an entire redesign that optimizes the space for our empowering, networking events that WE KNOW will SUPERCHARGE our community.

2)  Believe it or not, 2020 DID let us hold a few AMAZING events in this new space, including  "How to be the 8%", where we unleashed the secrets between that differentiate the 8% of people who ACTUALLY achieve their New Year's goals from the 92% who don't. So, need the downlow? We don't blame you. Hence, grab our SUPERCHARGED Boost Blueprint to make a plan that guarantees this year WILL be your year.

3)  But of course, IRL events had to come to a screeching halt...although you didn't think that would stop Kwanza and the team...did you?! Obv not! In fact, we were able to empower and inspire at our virtual 2020 SUPERCHARGED Summit, which was very successful if we don't mind saying so ourselves!

4)  When life had shut down on the outside, Team SUPERCHARGED knew just what we had to do: invest all our energy into beefing up our site so that we could bring boundless inspiration to you 24/7, no matter what. So, honestly, #Thanks2020 for giving us a reason to get our virtual sh*t together. Cuz now, at the click of a button, you've ALWAYS got access to our content.

More Reasons We Crushed 2020...

5)  Pulse Blog - Articles full of fresh inspiration, and actionable resources, so you can set and get goals for 2021 and beyond.

6)  Company Culture Blog - The BEST way for our extended SUPERCHARGED fam to get to know our teamily and office Dos and Don'ts!

7)  Successful at SUPERCHARGED Series - Interviews with members of the SUPERCHARGED Team, so you can get the receipts on who we are, what we do, and how we got to be so SUPERCHARGED.

8)  SUPERCHARGED Merch - Show the world that you are SUPERCHARGED! Share your positive mindset while you glow your way through your day with our leveled-up t-shirts, caps, bags, hoodies...

9)  SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends App - The new, best place to see and be seen, the Boost Friends App because we all deserve to have our biggest cheerleaders in the palm of our hands. Wanna level up? The Boost Friends App shares the best of our Mastermind sessions giving our community the tools like the Millionaire Mindset and the Real Estate Mastermind series. 

10) Overall, we stayed CONNECTED and BOOSTED in a time of uncertainty, and unrest. And moving into 2021, you've GOT to do the same. Because if you're not lifting yourself and others up...what the heck ARE you doing?

These were 10 reasons we crushed 2020! Also, if you're ready to commit to 2021 being YOUR year, let's see some ACTION! Visit to become a part of our Boost Friend inner circle now.

Not tomorrow, not in 2022, but NOW! Because this is the biggest, most boosted, billionaire network you've only ever dreamed of being a part of.

In the words of Queen Kwanza,“your network is your NET WORTH!”  How is yours looking these days?



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