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National New Friends Day

7 ways new connections can have a positive impact on your life

Ever dream of a friend who boosts you up and helps you grow in your personal and professional life? In celebration of National New Friends Day today, we are highlighting seven ways new connections can positively impact your life.

1. Learn from each other’s experiences

Friendships go both ways, and healthy relationships can provide immense value, such as: creating a support system, boosting happiness, reducing stress, helping you cope with adversity, and improving your self-confidence.

One of the most valuable aspects of friendships, especially when introducing new friends, is the ability to learn from their past experiences. This allows you to inherit pieces of the knowledge through storytelling, and may even open up your eyes to things you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

2. Opportunity to develop a mentor-friendship

One of the strongest forms of connections are those mentor-friendships.

A mentor friendship is a friendship where you both are invested in each other’s growth and push each other to do better. At SUPERCHARGED, we call this a Boost Friend—it’s like your good friend and trusted mentor rolled into one!

Every friend isn’t a good mentor and every mentor isn’t a good friend. Think of a Boost Friend as the happy medium who is there for you when you need them AND genuinely cares to see you reach your full potential.

3. Life is better with trusted people by your side

When life throws you curveballs and gets stressful, it’s your circle who is going to be the one to lift you up.

A true friend will act as a critic that can be your second brain when you need perspective. You may have moments, especially as an entrepreneur, where you experience imposter syndrome or face unknown adversity that you’re not quite sure how to navigate.

Seeking encouragement from trusted friends and mentors who have encountered similar problems in the past will help you work through them and not feel so alone.

4. You gain perspective

It’s easy to get caught in your day-to-day routine and not make any adjustments. Trust us, we’ve been there too!

When you’re an entrepreneur, this action could result in a plateau of your business.

By seeking out experienced friends, such as a Boost Friend, you’re opening the door to new experiences that could help your business succeed.

Who knows, your Boost Friend may have even taken the same path as you at one point, and can give you a few pointers on things to avoid!

5. New connections can positively impact your mental health

Aside from having a friend to call and a mentor to bounce business ideas off of, new connections have a huge, positive impact on your mental health!

Focusing on your mental health has been one of the biggest mottos of 2020 making it more important than ever to incorporate it into every aspect of your life.

New friends instantly boost up your happy meter and they provide encouragement when you’re feeling down.

As your circle lifts up, so do you.

6. Deeper connections can prompt vulnerability

Now, this topic may be scary for some. The word vulnerability is one you may often steer clear of, especially when looking at it in relation to business.

When you allow yourself to be more vulnerable in your connections, including new connections, you’re allowing the other person to get to know you better and support you in the process.

They will be able to more easily understand how your background can affect your present-day reaction to specific situations.

For example, if you had a parent that was a compulsive liar, you may become angry more easily when someone on your team lies.

By opening up these opportunities to tell your friends about your emotional life experiences, they can help provide encouragement and potential tactics for navigating through them.

7. Friends Keep Your Mind Sharp

The absence of social connections may increase your chances of cognitive decline. This means that the less you engage with others, the less your cognitive abilities are in practice, like the ability to process information and make decisions.

We couldn’t have found a better time to touch on this idea than now. Quarantine contributes to people spending more time at home, and in some situations more time alone.

Friendships allow you the platform to converse with others—maybe even banter a bit—but more importantly, they provide intellectual conversations to keep your mind fresh.

The best part about technology these days is that you can keep your mind sharp even through a simple phone conversation or FaceTime call!

If you’re looking to make meaningful connections on National New Friends Day, then sign-up for the SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends™ community. You’ll gain a friend, who’s also a collaborator, business partner, and mentor all rolled into one. Your membership also grants you access to a digital community, events, growth-networking opportunities, and more.

Our Boost Friends have worked for companies such as Disney, Nike, Netflix, NFL, and more! With a network like this, you’re bound to get connected with someone who is going to level you up both personally and professionally.

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