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SUPERCHARGED - virtual summit

20 Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss This Year’s SUPERCHARGED® Virtual Summit

Ok, Boost Friends, we'll be honest with you—2020's been hard. 2020's been isolating. 2020's been unmotivating...but THAT'S exactly why the SUPERCHARGED Team decided to theme our third annual SUPERCHARGED Summit with what everyone's year has been missing: Connection.

Despite quarantining and social distancing, we're here to tell you that Connection is the PERFECT theme for this summit.

Why? Well, just like all of you, we here at SUPERCHARGED HQ are #Real people trying to keep up with the craziness of the world. And even though it's hard, you already know our SUPERCHARGED strategy: when we see challenges, we don't give up...we bring on the positivity!

So, for those TLDR Boost Friends out there, let's cut to chase. Why do YOU NEED this event in your life? Well, we could just give you just one reason...but you know that's not how we roll. #Extra

And so, here's our 20 SUPERCHARGED reasons you MUST reserve your seat for SUPERCHARGED Summit 2020!

Reason #1

Let's face it. Since March of 2020, you've kind of been putting up a strong front alone...why not take your guard down for a bit and reconnect with yourself and your purpose? #SelfCare

Reason #2

TBH, it's probably been a while since you busted your fav dance moves in the club - so why not do it in the comfort of your living room with Kwanza Jones and your closest Boost Friends?

Reason #3

Whether your bank account has stayed the same or shrunk throughout all this, you KNOW we got ALL the TEA on how to boost it up!

Reason #4

If you're a Boost Friend already, you KNOW how important networking is. are you supposed to meet new, inspiring people from 6 feet away?! Well, as usual, we've got you covered with inspiring, #Real, down to earth speakers that you can't afford to miss!

Reason #5

BTW, in case you aren't familiar with the way we operate... this won't be one of those disable the video and tune out Zooms...this is gonna be one of those volume up, stand up, mood up type of Zooms!

Reason #6

We already know that we rise up better, why not join an event that GUARANTEES community, connections, and a hella good time?!

Reason #7

This type of event is once in a lifetime! 2020 calls for a collective reset...and whether you want to do that by screaming, dancing, or socializing - the SUPERCHARGED team is here for you!

Reason #8

Whether you're down in the dumps or up in the clouds, you know your mindset can always use a boost!

Reason #9

You probably already know that Team SUPERCHARGED is always working to make the world a better, more equitable place; and the SUPERCHARGED Summit is the ONLY time you get a real, exclusive look at how we achieve just that each and every day!

Reason #10

Think of the SUPERCHARGED Summit like the biggest, (but also safest, most socially distanced) group hug you were ever a part of - who can say no to that?

Reason #11

Despite all the challenges, you've also done some BIG things in 2020. This is your moment to #Flex and show them off.

Reason #12

Not only will you get the *exclusive* opportunity to connect with Boost Friends from all walks of life...but you also should know, that some of them are EXACTLY where you want to be in a year from now. BET.

Reason #13

Maybe you haven't had a chance to beat your face or wear your fav fit in a while...SUPERCHARGED Summit is your chance to look FIRE for something that matters!

Reason #14

...Or...on the other hand...if PJs and house shoes are more your speed, you can attend the Summit like that too, we won't be salty. #OnSundaysWeWearPJs

Reason #15

Even though Kwanza's a busy, billionaire boss lady, she still makes time for the people who matter most, aka YOU! The SUPERCHARGED Summit is the time every year she can sit down to do just that!

Reason #16

Since SUPERCHARGED Summit 2020 is scheduled right as this year comes to a close, this is the PERFECT opportunity to reflect, refresh, and reboot so that you can set yourself up for an amazing year ahead.

Reason #17

This is a mask-free event, Boost Friend, and socializing will be ENCOURAGED! How's that for turning 2020 on its head?

Reason #18

If you feel like #TheStruggleIsReal to connect, engage, and inspire through a screen, we totally get it. That's EXACTLY why you NEED to attend. Watch how we do it so that you can go back to your WFH office on Monday with confidence and #SUPERCHARGEDStyle.

Reason #19

They say you should learn from the people who have the life you want. And, Boost Friend, we've got a FIRE lineup of speakers and presenters that are ready to knock your SUPERCHARGED socks off...including Queen Kwanza herself!

Reason #20

Our final reason to join us at SUPERCHARGED Summit 2020—our BIGGEST event yet—is because...when's the last time you said Y-E-S to something without overthinking it or holding yourself back? Boost Friend, it's time.

See You There!

Visit to register NOW. Not later...not after scrolling through your insta feed...NOW! Because real SUPERCHARGED move-makers seize the day ASAP. Every moment you wait is a moment closer to November 15, aka. the day you find your boost mojo again.

Can't WAIT to see you there, Boost Friends!

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