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tips to reduce stress

5 Ways To Manage Your Stress That Are Actually Effective!

Self-care is incredibly important...especially after such an unpredictable year. According to Healthline, 70% of U.S. adults deal with stress on a daily basis. Today, on National Stress Awareness Day, we’re highlighting a few of our best-kept secrets for kicking your stress to the curb!

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

We know, we know…we didn’t want to write this one down either, but that cold brew hits differently! And not always in a good way. It’s time to start paying attention to your physical and emotional responses after you chug your favorite morning coffee. We even suggest you write down symptoms, like increased heart rate, stress, anxiety, and other reactions you may have. If you’re feeling day-to-day stress, especially after having significant amounts of caffeine, consider switching to decaf or an herbal tea for your morning routine. You’ve got this, even without your liquid energy!

Talk it Out!

Venting about stress feels oh-so-good! Sometimes, you just need to get your stressors off of your chest. And no, you don’t have to go to therapy to get this done—although, we are HUGE supporters of doing so! Grab a friend or mentor who you trust to discuss what’s stressing you out and how you can find a solution for it. Sometimes, getting another POV is the best way to work through your problems. Psst...according to a study, venting to coworkers can actually be good for relieving stress!

Don’t have someone you trust? Check out these top tips from therapists, psychologists & people in general who’ve overcome stress. You can also find solid connections in our SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends community—our online network where members can meet a new kind of mentor and friend. P.S. You’ll also get access to exclusive resources and tools that will level you up and make you feel more confident and organized all-around!

Alexa, Play “Mental Boost” Playlist on Spotify

Listening to music daily can be an effective way to keep stress at bay. However, you should aim for something positive that will boost you and put you in the right mindset. If you don’t have a go-to playlist, then it’s time for you to start curating one. If you’re feeling stuck, check out our Mental Boost Playlist on Spotify. And don’t worry...we update it weekly so that you’ll always have something new to listen to.

Get Up and Move Around!

Have you ever heard that movement is medicine? Next time you’re feeling down or stressed, we challenge you to get up for at least 60 seconds, turn on your favorite hype song and just move! Jump around, dance, and do whatever you have to do to move your body. You’ll be shocked at how quickly your mood starts to change when your body loosens up. If you’re working from home, it can be easy to take a quick movement break. If you’re in an office setting, sneak off to a quiet area or step outside, throw in your airpods, and turn up! Here’s a Movement Boost video to bookmark on Instagram the next time you need a quick stress relief break!

Unplug and Reset!

Sometimes saying no to taking on commitments can be the best feeling! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then it might be time to unplug for a day or two to get you back on track. Go outside, spend time with friends and family, and schedule in some of your favorite hobbies, like hiking, playing with pets, or even catching up on your favorite Netflix shows. Unplugging gives you time to create mental clarity, which relieves your stress and sets you up for future success.

These are just a few of our favorite ways for managing stress so that you can get back to making boss moves! If you’re looking for a little additional support, then check out the SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends Community! We would love to welcome you to the crew!

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