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National Voter Registration Day

3 Steps to Take NOW So That Your Voice Is Heard On November 3rd!

Hi there, Boost Friends! Welcome back!

We're PUMPED to see you here in the month of SUPERCHARGED September! Wanna know why? 10 syllables, 4 words, and a WHOLE LOTTA POWER: National Voter Registration Day.

Yup! That's right, Boost Friends. Today is bigger than just an ordinary Tuesday. It's the last Tuesday of September! And do you know what that means? Believe it or not, we're just 42 days away from the BIGGEST election of our LIVES - so if you're not using today to register to vote...or to MAKE SURE you're already registered to vote...then what are you doing?!

We know, we know...this is a little short notice. And maybe you had some big SUPERCHARGED plans today, but make no mistake—there's NOTHING in your schedule today that could possibly be more important than taking a quick sec to make sure your voter registration is in check to #RockTheVote on November 3rd!

And hey, if you're a little hesitant about us creeping on your civic status receipts, we get it. But let us break down why this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions you'll make all year with a little SUPERCHARGED Q&A:

1) Why?

Ok, Boost Friend...why should you make sure you're registered to vote today? Well, in short, you're lucky to have the choice to vote at all—don't get it twisted.

Most countries around the world don't have this right. They don't get a say. And even though 2020 has felt nothing but grim here in the US, we've got the power to change that NOW. And it all starts with you taking a few minutes out of your day to make sure that on November 3rd your Voice is Heard!

2) What?

What are we voting for? Well, in this election, we're voting for wayyyyyy more than a figurehead. We're voting for equality, #BlackLivesMatter, We're voting for a healthier earth, #AGreenNewDeal. We're voting for the next leader that will speak up for what's right, no matter what #RipRBG.

Basically, we're voting for a society that's healthier for everyone to live in—no matter what they look like, what language they speak, or who they love.

...Need we say more?

3) How?

Ok, Boost Friend...did we FINALLY sell you on how CRUCIAL this is?! National Voter Registration Day is more than a hashtag, it's more than a trend, it's the first step you can take to get our country #BackOnTrack.

Here's exactly how you can do it in three simple, SUPERCHARGED steps:

First, hit up They've got all the deets on what's what for your state's voter registration policies.

Next, you'll see a map on the screen. Click the state you live in.

Finally, select the option that applies to you, including: Register to Vote Online, Check Your Registration, Vote by Mail, Find Your Polling Place, and more!

It really is that easy, Boost Friends. So...what are you waiting for? Click on the link above and MAKE SURE you're registered to vote. Because we got NO TIME for MORE mistakes in 2020.

And most importantly...guess what? Your vote can be the reason this year ends on the high note that we all deserve.

Until next time Boost Friend™!

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