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6 Meaningful Holiday Gifts

6 Meaningful Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Give Your Loved Ones A Boost

Make your loved ones feel extra special this year by giving them presents with a purpose! At SUPERCHARGED we’re big on cultivating your connections, whether it’s your best friend, your partner, your coworker or your Boost Friend (shoutout to our community!). Today we’re highlighting six unique gift ideas so you can show your appreciation for loved ones on a whole new level!

Give a Money Boost

We all could use some extra coin! Money can sometimes feel like an“easy” gift to give but the reality is, almost everyone would appreciate a little money boost! If you have a friend or family member who’s saving for something big, purchase a gift card to contribute to their goal!

Another great option for a money boost would be to support a friend who is working on their financial situation. Help them get organized and focused with an online subscription to a budgeting app.

For the entrepreneur in your life, consider giving a subscription to software that would help them up-level their business, like Adobe Creative Cloud, accounting software or project management app. By supporting their business, they will feel extra connected to you and we bet you won’t have to worry about giving the same gift as someone else!

Give a Mental Boost

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 2020 has been the year for self-care! Whether it’s encouraging your friend or partner to slow down because they’ve been working 14 hour days, or helping them create mental peace due to a crazy household, we have a few creative ways you can give them a mental boost.

Purchase a cooking class! If your person is not getting out much right now, check-out virtual class offerings and add-in a grocery store gift card so they can pick-up all the necessary goodies for their dish.

Challenge their mindset! Consider purchasing audiobook credits. You can even personalize it by creating a list of your favorite reads.

Is your person in-tune with themselves spiritually? Find a virtual meditation course or give them a subscription to a meditation app like Calm or Headspace.

Want more tips on manifesting a life you deserve? Check out our blog post, How To Manifest A Life Full of Opportunities With One Word.

Give a Motivation Boost

As a goal getter yourself, we know that you inspire a number of people in your life! Be the light that pushes your friends and family members to make their dreams a reality. A motivation boost gift could look like a career coaching session, a professional development conference, a professional resume writing service or perhaps even a consultation with a business planner so they can finally put pen to paper.

Another meaningful gift idea is to choose a motivating graphic tee to encourage a positive growth mindset, like our line of SUPERCHARGED statement t-shirts and hoodies. We’re popping off with phrases like Goal Getter, Live your Boost Life, It’s a Mindset and more! Our sustainable shirts are available for both men and women.

Motivating Graphic T-Shirts

Give a Movement Boost

Movement is so important, especially with many of us spending countless hours at a desk. Encourage your friend or family member to get moving with these movement boosts!

Does your loved one love workout classes? Considering adding to their home gym with a new yoga mat, weights or even a subscription to an online fitness community. Working out at home can get old quick, so ensure your loved one is set up for success!

Now let’s level-up our movement boost gift idea! If you’re feeling like splurging and want an excuse to plan a trip, this might be the winner. Plan a hiking trip for them right intheir own backyard, and better yet, make plans to join them! Map out local hiking trails and state parks, bundle up, pack a picnic and get outside! You can even present the gift in a creative way by putting together a basket with trail mix, a cute water bottle and some old-fashioned trail maps!

Give a Mood Boost

Spread your sunshine and positive attitude towards others. Giving a mood boost can be done on special occasions like the holidays, but these are also perfect for keeping in your back pocket when a friend or family member needs a mood boost any day of the week!

Grab gift cards to their favorite coffee shop or bakery. Keep it local for an extra personal touch!

Put together a set of notebooks with motivational quotes so they can think of you everytime they work on their goals.

Sometimes all you need is a little happy hour. Gift a wine or beer tasting, also available in socially distanced packages with at-home tasting kits!

Lastly, a spa treatment because everyone needs a self-care day!

Give a Music Boost

We see you dancing in the mirror when no one’s watching! For that music lover in your life, purchase a subscription to a music streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify.

If you want to take it back to the 2000s create a 2020 version of a mixtape AKA a Spotify playlist, or send them our Ultimate SUPERCHARGED Holiday Playlist with 3 hours of Christmas music that will be sure to give them a boost.

If you’ve got old school friends, gift them their favorite vinyl record for the record player!

Make it Fun!

Whichever “boost gift” you choose, make it fun, make it positive and make it personal. Your friends and family will be sure to remember the extra thought that went into your gift. If you’re in a pinch, don’t forget to check out our line of SUPERCHARGED statement merch! Happy holidays and good luck!

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