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How to Manifest

How To Manifest A Life Full of Opportunities With One Word


Happy Tuesday, Boost Friend fam! We're excited to have you back for our fourth episode of Successful at SUPERCHARGED. And we have to be honest with you...this might be our most inspiring episode yet!

We spoke with our SUPERCHARGED Logistics Coordinator, Luis Sanchez. Even though he grew up a couple of streets away from our HQ, believe us when we say his journey to SUPERCHARGED success was not just a simple walk around the block. I bet you're wondering how just one word can be the key on how to manifest more opportunities.

Well, Luis is living proof of that. With this one simple word, Luis went from SUPERCHARGED's neighbor to SUPERCHARGED star. We'll give you a guess— it's three letters and the exact opposite of the word "No".

How to Manifest the Life You Deserve

Did you guess the word "Yes"? If so, you nailed it! That's right...words are powerful. And if you think about it, you've probably prevented great opportunities by not saying it enough. Still not following? Here are Luis' tips so that you can know exactly how to manifest great opportunities for yourself.

1) Dare to be Different

Growing up, Luis was bullied verbally and physically for being different. He didn't say yes to violence and crime like the other neighborhood kids. Instead, he saved the magic word "yes" for what really mattered to him: his values, kindness, hard work, and dedication. Only those values that truly aligned with Luis and what he stood for were what received his attention, energy, and a resounding Y-E-S! Without that kind of strength and positivity, Luis might have never reached his SUPERCHARGED potential.

2) Get Help. Give Help.

At a young age, Luis discovered something that we—here at SUPERCHARGED--live by: all relationships should be a two-way street. As much as you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help, you also shouldn't hesitate to give help when you can. Luis modeled this perfectly when he said YES to receiving tutoring at age 12 from the Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA). At that moment, Luis knew that he had to give back to the NYA. A few years later, his next YES would be volunteering there however, and whenever he could. And, of course, it was this YES that changed his life. Not only did the NYA award Luis with scholarships for college, but it also allowed him to meet our very own Kwanza Jones, aka the ultimate YASSSS QUEEN!

Can you say win-win-win?

3) Say YES to Challenges

Just when you thought Luis was done saying YES, he was only just getting started!
When Kwanza asked him if he would work as a Production Assistant on one of her music videos, what do you think he said? "YES!" When the SUPERCHARGED team asked him if he would manage their social media, what do you think he said? "YES!" When he was invited to be an Igniter for SUPERCHARGED Studios, what do you think he said? "YES!" Sensing a pattern here?

So you see, without these three little, empowering letters, Luis wouldn't be where he is today. And while Luis knows that sometimes saying yes is scary and challenging, he does it anyway to become stronger and better than he was before!

Your Turn!

So...are you inspired yet? Just by replacing a few words in your vocabulary with a resounding yes, you can change the course of your life.

So now, the SUPERCHARGED team wants to challenge YOU to say YES! Think about one time in the past 30 days where you said no. Maybe it was a task at work or an opportunity in your personal life for growth. Whatever it is, replay the scenario in your head.

Now here comes the fun part. Erase the feelings of self-doubt. Stop the voice in your head that says you can't do it. And instead, say YES! What doors do these three little letters open for you? What new people do you get to meet because you said yes? What skills can you build and opportunities can you create?

With all that positive YES energy running through your veins, pick up the phone, dial the number, write the email, send the text, and say...YES! #ForReal. You'll be glad that you did!

Now that you know how to manifest greater opportunities, are you finally ready to say YES?! If so, then commit!


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Bye for now!

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